#1 Surprise Bake Along

#1 Surprise Bake Along

Introducing the new Surprise Bake Along! Let’s get together and bake – LIVE! On instagram! The final dessert won’t be revealed until we’re actually together! There will be tons of tips along the way and some new recipes that I know you’re going to love!

The list of ingredients in very rough quantities will be provided in advance (you’ll always have enough, and maybe a bit extra!). A list of equipment will be provided as well. I’m trying to keep both lists extremely accessible so everyone can participate, but also allowing for a fun twist in the recipe so it’s something new and even customizable to the person.

The recipes will be very easy to follow and in both cups and metrics, so anyone who just loves to bake can join in on the fun! It also will help that we are doing it together live so feel free to stop me to ask questions.

If you aren’t able to make the live, I’ll save the recap so you can catch it on my stories.

The 1st Surprise Bake Along

Here’s the deets:

When: Sunday, March 10th, at 5pm Paris (11am CST) Be warned that there is a time change this weekend in the US/Canada!

Who: You!


What Ingredients do I need?

2 cups/ 250g flour (all purpose, or if you’re in France T45 or T55)

1 cup/200g granulated sugar

1 cup/200ml whole milk

Your favorite jam ( about 1/4-1/2 a jar)

3 sticks/250g unsalted butter

2-3 cups/300g powdered sugar

1 egg

baking powder

vanilla (extract or paste or powder)

OPTIONAL: fresh herbs (a mixture, whatever looks pretty, bonus points if they’re flowering)

What equipment do I need?

Medium sized bowl

Wet measuring cup or pitcher or something to measure a liquid in



electric mixer (hand or stand)

small offset metal spatula or butter knife

measuring cups/spoons or a scale (I recommend a scale!)

One 8″ or 9″ (20cm or 25cm) round cake pan, or a square 8″ if you’re feeling it

baking spray or good ole’ butter and flour to grease


OPTIONAL: Parchment paper

Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be making it and if you have any questions!

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