10+ Tips for Organizing Baking Supplies Inspired By My French Pastry Atelier

A wall of items for organizing baking supplies in a pastry atelier

10+ Tips for Organizing Baking Supplies Inspired By My French Pastry Atelier

Molly Wilkinson smiles in front of her baking organization wall in her pastry atelier

I recently shared my new baking atelier and got so much incredible feedback from all of you! It’s wonderful to know you love the space as much as I do. Now that I’ve been using the new baking room for a few months, I wanted to share some tips for organizing baking supplies inspired by this space.

If you haven’t explored the new atelier yet, be sure to check out the full reveal. I filled this space with a mix of antique and new furniture and created zones for baking, storing all of my supplies and keeping my cookbooks and other boutique items available for in-person guests.

The stars of the new space are definitely a huge antique baking rack that fills one wall and a gorgeous cabinet from Loberon that holds my antiques collection. The metal baking rack is my primary storage area in the studio and I spent a long time researching the best storage solutions to keep everything neat, tidy and beautiful!

A wall of items for organizing baking supplies in a pastry atelier

Need some help organizing baking supplies in your home or studio? Follow along on this tour of my pastry atelier for inspiration and notes about my favorite baking storage products.

My Strategy for Organizing Baking Supplies

There are so many different ways to tackle organizing baking supplies. For my atelier, I knew I wanted tools, supplies and ingredients to be accessible, easy to find and also really beautiful. 

The baking rack I purchased at an antique market in Paris has open metal shelves. So I knew I was going to need to use lots of baskets, boxes and similar items to keep things from falling through the slats.

Wrought iron pieces of an antique baking rack being built as part of the atelier design

I also wanted to make sure the space was truly functional for me and set up to support the way I work in the studio. While it’s easy to want to group similar items together all the time, it doesn’t always make sense. It’s better to group by how frequently they are used.

I kept things like my baking pans and cookie cutter collection in one place, but I knew that items like my flour brush, measuring spoons, thermometer, vanilla extract and other everyday materials should be stored together so I can easily pull them all out at once for a baking project.

I was also intent on creating organizational systems that look as good as they work for me. I welcome my audience into this space regularly through virtual classes, social media and in-person classes. The organizational area is also the backdrop for most of this work.

I focused on incorporating warm tones with splashes of black to go with the original wood paneling and shutters in the studio.

10+ Atelier Organization Tips from My Own Baking Room

I sourced the baskets, bins, boxes and other containers for my atelier organization from a variety of places, including antique markets, Ikea, Zara Home and Loberon. 

The space became a beautiful mix of antiques and new, practical items. Most importantly, it’s a really useful space where I can easily grab anything I might need while teaching a class or creating a recipe.

Keep reading for a detailed look at how I organized many of the items in this space:

Small Baking Tools Organization

One of the hardest parts of figuring out how to store baking supplies is organizing all of the little things you might need while working.

One of my favorite solutions for small items is this wooden organizer from Loberon that features several little storage compartments. I’ve been using it for my flour brush, baking spray, baking powder, bench scrapers, scale and other items that I use every day. I love that it has a handle so it’s easy to lift and carry over to my baking table when I need it.

A wooden organizer from Loberon sits on a metal rack

I decided to use black hooks from IKEA that can hang on the back of the metal shelves for other small items like my mixer attachments, scoops and sieves. I love that I can see exactly what I have and easily grab what I need without digging through a drawer.

These black hooks from Ikea are one of the best tips for organizing baking supplies

I used the same hooks to hang all my silicone molds from the top of the baker’s rack and keep them easily within reach.

Red silicon baking molds hang from a metal baking rack

For my spatulas, whisks and other small items, I found these beautiful antique pots in a local market. I just love the way these look sitting on my shelves – they’re a truly unique way of organizing baking supplies!

Antique pots are used to store small baking tools, one of the best tips for baking organization

Rolling Pin Storage

Rolling pins are another tricky part of baking room organization. While they can certainly be placed in a drawer it’s easy to lose track of them there and I needed to find a way to keep them on the baking rack. 

I decided to use some large antique pots to hold the rolling pins and I just love the way it turned out. I can grab them easily when needed and they look really beautiful on the shelves!

Antique pots are used to store rolling pins, one of the best baking organization tips

Baking Pan Organization

As a pastry chef, I own a lot of baking pans! I knew I needed to find some creative solutions to keep them all organized.
I started by using a pot lid organizer to store baking sheets. Now they sit upright on the lower shelves of the baking rack so it’s easy to spot the one I want and grab the right size.

Wooden crates with black labels are used to hold ingredients

I also have a large collection of small baking pans for tarts, petit fours and similar treats. For these smaller pans, I wanted to use some beautiful baskets that would look really lovely on the shelves. 

But as any baker knows, flour gets everywhere in a baking studio and I knew a basket could be really hard to keep clean. I found these little white plastic bins from Ikea and placed them inside the basket. Now, if the bin gets messy I can simply remove the plastic liner and rinse it out!

A wicker basket holds small cake pans and pans for tarts, etc.

Cake Decorating Decorating Storage Ideas

To keep all of my piping tips organized I used this small clear box with inner compartments. I can keep different types of piping tips separated while still having everything in one place. And because the box is clear it’s easy to see exactly what I need, which is so important when organizing baking supplies.

A small white bin with smaller bins inside it is perfect for storing cake piping tips

Cake Platter & Display Tray Organization

In addition to baking pans, I have a very large collection of antique plates, platters and other dishes that I use to display and serve my pastries. I stored these – along with my Marie Antoinette figurines and other antiques – in a gorgeous cabinet from Loberon. This particular cabinet is no longer available, but I love this cabinet and this one.

A Loberon cabinet stores antique plates, cups and cake trays

I love that the glass doors let me look at my collection while I’m working and also make it easy to see what I need without taking everything out. 

On the wall next to the cabinet is a gorgeous clock from Loberon that shows four different time zones around the world. As a Texan living in France with an audience around the world, I absolutely love this piece!

A Loberon cabinet and Loberon clock stand along the wall of the pastry atelier

Cookie Cutter Storage Ideas

For my cookie cutter collection, I wanted a sturdy box that would keep them all contained. I don’t use my cookie cutters every day, so I didn’t need it to be a clear container. In fact, I wanted something that I could just easily toss the cookie cutters into without worrying if they looked jumbled up.

These beautiful boxes from Loberon were the perfect solution! They’re new but look antique, so they fit in with the many antique pieces in this space. I also used one of these boxes to store some extra ingredients I don’t use regularly.

These boxes from Loberon look antique and are used to store cookie cutters

Baking Ingredients Organization

When it came to the many ingredients I keep on hand in my atelier, I wanted to find some baking storage ideas that would make it easy to keep track of what I had, what was running low and where everything was. 

The last thing you want when you’re covered in flour and butter is to be digging through boxes and drawers looking for a missing ingredient!

I found these simple clear bins that were stable enough to sit on the open racks but still very accessible. They’re actually designed for shoes, but I use them for sprinkles, decorating tools, extracts, spices, gelatin and other flavorings. 

They have little drawers that you can pull out completely and place wherever you’re working. (You can also spy the little Toile de Jouy bag that I sell in my shop next to the bins.)

Baking ingredients are store in a clear Ikea storage box, one of our best tips for baking organization

I also found these lovely clear jars from Ikea that I use for storing things like sugar, chocolate, nuts and other ingredients. I plan on adding jam jar labels in the future to identify what each ingredient is. I did this in my previous space and it’s a genius move. The labels wash off in the dishwasher so they’re ready for whatever you add into them next. These dissolvable jam labels are super cute. 

I wanted to make the most of the space on the shelves, so I bought some simple wood boxes from Amazon that I flipped upside down to create tiered shelves. Now I can easily see everything and never have to search!

Ingredient jars are set on wooden boxes to help them stand out on the shelf

I used the slatted wooden boxes from IKEA pictured below to hold larger containers of ingredients, like flour and sugar. While they’re not clear, they are still easy to see into and also easy to label so I know what’s inside.

Wooden crates from Ikea feature black labels and are perfect for storing flour and bags of sugar

Baking Studio Office Organization

The last part of the atelier that needed organizing was the small office corner. While this room is primarily for baking and creating, I needed a boutique area where I could keep my cookbooks, office supplies and boutique items that I sell during my in-person classes.

An atelier desk features a white Loberon desk organization

The highlight of this corner is the white Loberon desk organizer. It has small compartments and little drawers for storing pens, paperclips, shipping labels and just about anything else you might need in an office.

Pens and other office supplies are stored in a Loberon desk organizer

I am so pleased with how this space turned out! I’ve been baking in this room for a few months now and it’s been really lovely to work and create in this room every day.

Molly Wilkinson, an online pastry school teacher, smiles in her at-home pastry atelier

Want More Baking Inspiration?

See more of my baking room and explore my favorite recipes on Instagram or the blog. Want to step into my atelier with me? Learn more about French pastry classes in Versailles or sign up for my online French pastry course.

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A wall of items for organizing baking supplies in a pastry atelier
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Thanks Molly for doing this as there are many tips whether you have a small or large kitchen. Can’t wait to get to IKEA. Love your new home. Just wish I could get to France and take an in person class. This is a five star rating for sure but it wouldn’t let me select first star.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful space with us.. the organization of this beautiful space is just spectacular. Your thoughts on how you went about the process is wonderful!! It is a joy to read and follow your journey.. I look forward to gifting some friends of mine your classes. Thank you ! I love all your recipes !

Thank you so much for this incredible glimpse into your organization! You have inspired me to reorganize my own! You have done such an incredible job.

Dissolvable labels??? Wow. Best idea EVER. I am ordering some today. Thanks for sharing your tips. It was fun getting an up-close view your atelier. Now…. if I could just find one of those amazing Marie Antoinette figurines…

Your atelier and organization area behind you is spectacular. I’m a very organized person so I can really appreciate it. Looking forward to another baking class with you!

This is lovely, Molly, and a sign that your business has really grown. I think the metal rack alone is bigger than the first apartment you had when we met 8 years ago. Congratulations on a job extremely well done!

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