2012 Goals

2011 was quite a year for me filled with new friends, experiences, amazing trips, and self discovery. It was also amazing how everything in my life started falling into place.

I went to a local culinary school for a semester to find out if it was for me (it was!).

I started practicing yoga regularly which left me more toned than any other exercise I’ve tried and feeling good and strong.

I took my first solo trip to Vermont and found that I loved the freedom and independence of traveling alone. My confidence soared and hiking turned into a passion on a particularly difficult trail in Vermont that involved bouldering. So I sought out trails in my area with help from an outdoorsy friend and started hiking and kayaking on a regular basis.

I found that I wanted to live where there was hiking and the food was local.

I turned to even healthier foods than I had in the past, completing a cleanse and focusing on more of a balance, with the occasional amazing treat, of course.

When a New Year hit in the past, I would always make a resolution. Some of my most popular choices being eat less sweets (:-D) and loose weight. Resolutions have started to bug me though. If you want to change something in your life, I think it’s silly to wait until January 1st. Therefore I decided to make goals for the new year instead of changes.

Here they are, My 2012 Goals!

  • Exercise 60 minutes a day, most days (hoping for 6 days/week).
  • Complete two 10-day cleanses. A nice little healthy way to give my stomach a break.
  • Run, Yoga, Bike, Kayak, Hike, and Do more outdoorsy things than ever before.
  • Take a girl’s trip.
  • I have a book of 60 hikes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I want to do at least 20 of them.
  • Apply for culinary school – I’ve researched, narrowed, and chosen! All I need to do is get the guts to apply!
  • Get a job at a local bakery on the weekends.

So, Here’s to the best year yet!

Happy 2012! May it bring you happiness, delicious sweets, and wonderful memories.


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