#5 Surprise Bake Along: The Ingredients & Equipment

#5 Surprise Bake Along: The Ingredients & Equipment

If you don’t know what a surprise bake along is, well get ready to hop on a wild baking ride! Here’s what happens, I provide the ingredients and equipment you need in advance (that’s happening today). Then we all meet together LIVE on my instagram to bake together where what we will be making will be revealed!!

I’ve listed the exact quantities for the ingredients you’ll need and the equipment needed. Ingredients are in both cups and metric- I highly highly recommend getting a scale and doing this in metric- super easy, and way more accurate. It’s what all the cool kids are doing ;-).

THE BAKE ALONG IS….. SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH at 6pm Paris time, 11am CST, 12pm EST. 1 hour!

NOTES: This recipe is gluten free! And we will probably do something you’ve never done before! I can’t 100% guarantee it but I’m pretty sure you haven’t done this before 😉

The Ingredients

100g (3/4 cup) hazelnut or almond flour

100g (2/3 cup) bittersweet chocolate (melted!)

50g (1/4 cup) granulated sugar

30g (2.5 tbls) dark brown sugar

4 eggs

85g (6 tbls) unsalted butter, room temperature, cubed

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

65g (1/3 cup) granulated sugar

20g (2 tbls) water

50g (1/4 cup) heavy whipping cream

15g (1.5 tbls) raspberry puree (you can blend fresh or frozen and defrosted raspberries in a food processor – add a little water if it seems thick)

14g (1 tbls) unsalted butter, cubed, room temp

100g (2/3 cup) bittersweet chocolate, chopped if it’s a bar or left as chips

100ml (1/2 cup) heavy whipping cream

OPTIONAL: fresh raspberries, cocoa powder, fresh flowers for decoration


Mixing bowl (either the bowl of the electric mixer or another large bowl to use with a hand mixer)

whisk attachment for electric mixer

8″ cake pan (springform would be great, but not required)

baking spray


small saucepan

medium saucepan

1 piping bag

1 large star tip – open star tip, but a large tip! the hole should be about 1cm or so in diameter where the mixture will come out

OPTIONAL: small sieve (for decoration)

*If you do not have a piping bag or tips, you could use a plastic bag or a piece of parchment paper

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