A Couple Easter Things

I’m still recuperating from having my tonsils out which has given me quite a lot of time to scrounge through the internet while I’m not watching the entire series of Castle. I’ve found some super cute Easter things that I wanted to share with you!

When we were little, we would have huge Easter egg dying parties. My mom would hard boil dozens of eggs then we would all sit around the kitchen table taking turns dipping them in a huge array of colors. Now this method for hard-boiling eggs without the water looks pretty ingenious:

Ideas for dying eggs: Check out 40 Different Techniques on Martha Stewart including these beauties that I might be doing even when it’s not Easter.

Cheeky Chickens- Easter Eggs Martha Stewart

haha how cute!!!

A different technique to peel an egg at Panna that’s super similar to peeling an avocado. I really do like my hard boiled eggs whole though, so I might go with the method at the end of the Alton Brown video above. Panna has some other great cooking videos as well!

Beautiful Hot Cross Buns from Poires au Chocolat– Each year she makes small tweaks on the previous years recipe. These look fantastic and there is a video for how to shape and roll the dough.

Poires au Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

And a peek at the Easter table my mom put together this morning:

Easter Table 2014

Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques !

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