A Day at Canton TX Trade Days – A Massive Flea in Texas

The first weekend of every month a massive flea market is held in Canton, TX (about 60 miles outside of Dallas) called First Monday Trade Days. But it’s not on Monday. It runs from Thursday to Sunday before the first Monday of the month. Pretty confusing, eh? Well not to the hundreds, possibly thousands of people who come out to Canton to sweat buckets while looking through piles of junk. Sounds like my kind of afternoon! Let’s do it!
Here’s what you can find at a crazy Texas flea market!
The name started 160 years ago when the local circuit judge held court on the first Monday of the month. People would come in to town early and set up the market.
Cowboy hats that are spick and span be-utiful!
Boots Boots and more boots! So bummed they didn’t have my size. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and never owned a pair of boots. That’s Jen! One of my besties!
We found a stall with pretty darn awesome signs for old booze bottles and TV trays. There was a huge crowd gathered around them. I guess no one wants their veggies to touch! haha Definitely almost came home with a couple.
Bins of fun doodas- spurs, flying pigs, Texas stars, longhorns…
A store dedicated to Texas. Yeehaw!
We passed a building on the way back that had a roof painted like the Texas flag on one side and the United States flag on the other. Only in Texas!


Pepper grillers! These were pretty cool! You can check them out here. You can use them to grill stuffed jalepenos, bell peppers, tomatoes, even tortilla roll ups. yum!
And fried pies! I wasn’t quite brave enough to try one. Well really, I wanted ice cream more than pie. It was just too darn hot for pie. They really did look delicious though!
We had such a blast and came home with some awesome finds! Our recommendations: rent a cart ($5), bring lots of water, and try to go when it’s not 100 degrees. Hit up Ham Orchard in Terrell, TX on the way back for delicious pick-your-own peaches, blueberries, and blackberries.
Have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Day at Canton TX Trade Days – A Massive Flea in Texas”

  • I have been to Canton Flea Market. Good place to shop! Love the photos.

  • It has been awhile since I went out to First Monday-funny my parents drove there on the wrong weekend recently! Between the flea market and the orchard, it sounds like you had a great time-glad you enjoyed it.

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