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A main reason I started my blog was personal – I have an absolutely horrible memory. So bad that my friends will tell stories and I don’t realize I was there even when I’m mentioned in the story. A huge benefit of this though is that you can tell me the same joke multiple times and get the same reaction each time. With my blog, I can look back and relive those memories whether it was Peanut experiencing his first snow storm, a dove that made it’s nest on my balcony, or one of the multiple flights I’ve missed. Oops! So when it’s been awhile since my last post, I always feel like a recap is in order. So here goes- it’s been a couple months, I’ve written about some of this but not all of it. I’ll try to keep it sort of brief. 😁



I have a little suspicion. I think once you make one crazy decision you kinda get hooked and keep making them. Maybe it’s the rush you get from a new adventure or the drive to continue to learn more and experience as much as possible. Thus leads to a little secret I’ve been keeping from my blog, my decision to head back to France to.. Help open a Mexican restaurant ?! And volunteer at a Chateau in the Pyrennes. I will settle down and have kids at some point mom (promise!).

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and my stage at a little bitty awesome bakery called La Fabrique a Gateaux (it’s in Republique area in Paris and definitely worth stopping by), I returned to Texas just 3 days before my visa expired.

Back home in Dallas I jumped into things. I got my tonsils out, then worked at two different bakeries and a fromagerie all while keeping my part-time online marketing job. There was just one little bug in my ear, this little itch that wouldn’t go away. I think it was red, white, and bleu and talking in ze French accent or maybe it was a rumbling in my belly for French cheese. harharhar


That was me on macaron duty at Bisous Bisous Patisserie- the first French pastry shop in Dallas. Another awesome place you have to go to- they have cruffins!! It was also while working here that I met Rose Levy Beranbaum of the Baking Bible and was mentioned in her blog!

But back to my random story- There were these two French guys I met through an old marketing coworker while I was in Paris that were opening a Mexican restaurant (One of them really liked burritos-a lot). We’d been talking for almost a year working on getting things up and running but things were going slow. I was hoping to use it as a way to return to France but the longer it went on the more depressed I got. Three months turned into six which turned into ten with no set opening date in mind- but such is starting any sort of business.

On a lark I reached out to Karina at Chateau de Gudanes. She and her husband had purchased what one would call a mega fixer upper.. there might have been a large hole in the center from the ceiling caving in and water coming through for several years. I’d read a blog post about her opening a little cafe and it stuck with me for several months until I finally said screw it one night and drafted up an email to her saying I would help with anything, complete with a picture of me and a cow. Four days later, sitting in traffic in my hour long drive to my marketing job, I checked my email- a response from Karina saying they were keen to talk with me further.

Then the Mexican restaurant decided it would open. After much debate, I managed to work it out that I would help at the restaurant for a month in May then go to the Chateau in June and July to help with cooking meals for a restoration workshop.

Which leads me to where I am now-

Chateau de Gudanes

I quit both of my jobs in Dallas effectively losing any safety net that I had and took a leap. A gigantic scary hairy beasty leap.

Maybe I’m just a bit rebellious. 🙂

All that to say- I’m back! More posts more posts!! Soon I say!


6 thoughts on “~a little update”

  • I envy you, I have been following the restoration of the Chateau for months. It’s simply amazing. I wish I was 20 years younger and had the nerve to do what you are doing, what an adventure! Keep us posted back here in the states!

  • I too have been following the Chateau, from the beginning, with passion. How cool of you to actually GO THERE!! I am so entranced by this Chateau.

    On your recommendation, we went to the Bisous Bisous today for coffee and patisserie!

  • The Chateau really is captivating!! It’s amazing how so many people feel connected to the story. I’m so glad you made it over to Bisous! It’s such a great little piece of France in Dallas. The pastries are amazing and isn’t the coffee good!! Hope you enjoyed it!

  • Thank you so much Kathy!! It certainly wasn’t easy to take that step! I’m about to get started on a post about a little nectarine tart I made for an interview Karina had the other day!

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