A Mexican Fiesta Outside of Paris!

I first met Jessica through her Seven Layer Dip. We were at a massive picnic for Jenni’s birthday and I was late. Well I thought I was on time by French standards but with picnics you have to be on time! Or all the food is gone! From afar I heard the words “seven layer dip” and “salsa.” And my jaw dropped. Why hadn’t I gotten there earlier?!

I’d been searching for Mexican food in Paris and here it was the best most legitimate amazingness. A scraped up every last bit of the dip and promptly moved to sit next to Jessica.

And thus the Mexican Fiesta was planned!


Last weekend we hopped on the RER and headed out of Paris to Jessica and Vincent’s apartment in Cachan. The best part- we were all on the same train and had no idea. Jenni was seriously one train car in front of me. Haha

After a we are lost planned stop at Picard for ice cream and a couple calls later, omg margaritas!!!!!!!!!!

I want to call these the best margaritas I’ve ever had in my life. I drank three and probably could have had another one or four.

Molly Margarita

Here’s the recipe:

Margarita Mix

3 cups water – warm

3 cups sugar

2 cups lime juice

2 cups lemon juice

Mix the sugar with water to dissolve the sugar. Then add the lime and lemon juice. Chill!

To mix the margarita, I use the following proportions:

2 parts margarita mix

1 part tequila

1 part cointreau

Margaritas Tina and Kathrin

And then there were the Tina’s French Nachos made with Raclette cheese and jarred jalapenos all the way from the States. yup they were delicious. We finished off two trays of those puppies!

Tinas Nachos

French Nachos Jenni and Vincent

A short break for salsa dancing in the living room while the enchiladas cooked with French salsa music by Manu Chao.

Salsa Dancing

And then… whoa. Food coma.

Serving Enchiladas Enchilada Sauce


For dessert, the Dulce de Leche Cookies I made and Dulce de Leche ice cream and a little Dulce de Leche sauce on top! I’ll put the recipe in another post. We had a little problem with the dulce de leche becoming rock solid. uh hum oops! But Kathrin managed to melt it after about 20 minutes. 😀

DulcedeLeche Cookies- Final Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

These were so good! Like little shortbread cookies. And great with the ice cream!

I think I’m going to insist we make a Mexican Fiesta a very regular occurrence. 🙂

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