A Trip to Jacques Genin

A Trip to Jacques Genin

Lauded and infamous in the pastry world in Paris- Jacques Genin is a formidable force (if not just for his legendary temper in the kitchen). The pastry shop by his same name is located at the top of the Marais near the 400 year old covered market- Marché des Enfants Rouge. It’s actually a little hard to find as it’s located at the top of a sharp corner and doesn’t have a sign.

If you make your way there, you’ll be welcomed by some of the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had in your life, caramels and chocolates, pastries, and a great little tearoom to sit down and devoir them all in.


The Mille Feuille is made to order. Can I repeat that- made to order! So expect the crispiest Napoleon you’ve ever had in your life. And word to the wise- there’s no delicate way to eat a Mille Feuille, just dig right in and expect things to get messy.

Two other pastries Jacques Genin is known for are the Paris Brest and Tarte au Citron. The Paris Brest is made out of choux pastry, the same dough used to make éclairs. Two rounds of this with toasted hazelnuts and powdered sugar form the top and bottom. Then inside is the most delectable cream made with praliné paste which is made with ground hazelnuts. The pastry is named after the bicycle race in between the cities, Paris and Brest, hence the round shape!


The hot chocolate is fantastic- a bit on the bitter side and not too thick- just how I like it! Good Tip: You can split the hot chocolate! This is a great idea if you don’t want to drink a whole teapot or if you and a friend or two all want some. We spilt one three ways and it was plenty for a cup each, which is really all you need.

Each order comes with two chocolates per person. Indulgent to the max- love it!

And here’s a peek at their the chocolate and pâte de fruit cases!

Jacques Genin

133 rue de Turenne, Paris, 75003

Tuesday-Sunday, open from 11am to 7pm

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