A wee bit of Scotland~ Edinburgh

Intermediate Pastry finished a week and a half ago. So crazy!!! It is passing so quickly.

Intermediate Graduation 2 Intermediate Graduation 1

We had about a week off (broken up by graduation- um who can say poor planning!). Tina and I decided a bit of traveling was due! We weirdly started our project by shopping for the best travel wallet reviews we could find since we both needed suitable wallets for traveling. So where did we decide to go! SCOTLAND! The land where men wear skirts and there’s an abnormal amount of red heads.

The trip started off pretty great- I was packed. Ready to go- met up with Tina at my apartment- walked to the bus stop. Chilling on the bus when mid-sentence I remembered… that I forgot the one thing you don’t ever want to forget. My passport. Unfortunately the bus wasn’t moving so I couldn’t do a dramatic- STOP THE BUS!!! But oh I could do a mad-dash to my apartment and up 6 flights of stairs! Of course on the one day I happen to actually see someone in my building. I think it was the apartment owner too. tehe. I hope he was impressed by my speedy staircase climbing.

Another leisurely jogย run to the bus yet again and we were off. With no time to spare!

I would like to add here that usually I’m a good traveler… I’ve only missed 5-6 flights!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Edinburgh Taxi Royal Mile

I would like to give Tina Beana a shout out for being the most amazing friend. Instead of freaking out, she was calming me down!

So we got to the airport (which by the way, the Roissy Bus is totally the way to go. That RER mess- no thank you!), more running to find the correct security entrance. More running to the gate. (I seriously didn’t need to go on my workout run that morning) We get to the gate and there’s no one there- well no passengers at least. There was a unyielding flight guru person at the desk (I can’t remember what they’re called.. :-D). So despite seeing the plane out the window on the tarmac, we were not allowed on. That is the worst!!

After a little thinking over a not so great cup of coffee at Starbucks we decided that even though we were losing a day- we really should go! 75 euros later- we were booked for a flight the next day.

Cowgate Street

After drinking almost an entire bottle of Ecrin de la Barde a Saint Emilion Grand Cru wine that night, our decision was sounding pretty solid. haha!

The next day we left a good 4 hours before our flight. Plenty of time for a baguette and hummus for lunch and then we were off. No issues at the airport, which I might add, we were now pros at. and oh the irony- the seat next to me was filled by a very sweaty Brit who like us had missed the flight yesterday and just about missed it today. He ended up being a French teacher so we had lots of fun discussing French expressions over a bottle of Rose on the way over with our French surgeon seatmate.

We landed to a brisk 60 degree and windy day in Edinburgh. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I’d never seen so many red haired blue eyed people! and kilts! and bagpipes!!

bagpiper Edinburgh

*Look Dad- Hook ’em Horns! He played Home Home On the Range after we took this picture.

Bagpipes Edinburgh

Day 1: We got checked in, and then we were off! First stop dinner! ย We were staying right off the Royal Mile- the epicenter of all things touristy in Edinburgh. At the top of the hill is the castle, and at the bottom, Palace of Holyroodhouse. We did a bit of strolling and decided on a packed tavern that offered food in an upstairs restaurant called Deacon Brodie’s Tavern. For starters, we had Haggis with whiskey sauce.

When in Edinburgh- your first meal has to be Haggis! I would just suggest not reading what Haggis is before you try it though… ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s quite delicious with some spice to it! Tina got a chicken mushroom pie and I had sausage and mash! yummmm!!!!

Haggis- Edinburgh

Next stop, a ghost tour with Cadis & Witchery Tour. Our guide, the deceased Adam Lyal and his helper… Steve. haha The tour was excellent.. a spooky but hilarious look into Scotland’s witch and murderous past- complete with many appearances by quick costume changing Steve. haha!

Witchery Tour Edinburgh Witchery Tour2 ย  Witchery Tour3 Witchery Tour4

A couple awkward photos with Steve and Adam (Deceased.) (this was my best scared expression- don’t judge) and we were off to a Scottish tavern perfectly named Scotsman Lounge at the corner of Cockburn and High Street (aka the Royal Mile). We’d walked past earlier and it had been filled with a fantastic older crowd enjoying a couple beers and singing and dancing to live music. We did some Scottish dancing which consisted of swaying back and forth and snapping your fingers. haha! oh and of course the traditional swingish-type-lead-around-the-dance-floor dancing with the quite drunk but cute 80 year old who tried to pass us off to his son. ย A couple of Irish ladies attempted to show us Irish dancing much to our and their amusement.

Edinburgh-Night Edinburgh- Night2

We made our way down to Cowgate street where all the bars are located to a super fun make shift bar/live music venue set up just for the Fringe festival. We listened to three bands- the first was my favorite because they played Mumford and Sons and then American Girl- just for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 2:ย A little bit of a late start ๐Ÿ™‚ but we were soon awake after a full Scottish breakfast at the Southern Cross Cafe.

Edinburgh Scottish Breakfast

Up the Royal Mile we went to visit the Castle!

Royal Mile Royal Mile 2

It was actually, and this is going to sound silly especially because there are so many things to do there, smaller than I thought it would be.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle 6 Kilts Edinburgh Castle

We decided to visit Edinburgh at such a perfect time. The Fringe festival was in it’s last couple of days, the weather was perfect, and the crowds were not that bad. In anticipation of long lines, we’d bought our tickets for the castle online a couple days prior. We skipped about 30 minutes of waiting. Lucky us!

The views of Edinburgh are spectacular from the castle. edinburgh castle bagpipes Edinburgh Castle Canon

There are I think 3 museums to visit (maybe more!), we walked through two and saw a chapel, the royal jewels, and so many other things! I think my favorite was the Prisoner’s of War museum and walking through their cells. There were little stories about each of the prisoners and information about their routines including a daily ration of beer. I also loved stopping to get tea and treats!

We stopped at a little cafe in the Castle for tea and crumpets (aka. Scottish shortbread and Carrot Cake!!)

iPHone Pics 9-5-13 021 Carrot Cake Edinburgh Castle Carrot Cake Edinburgh Castle Molly

Lots of shopping and wandering around and soon we found ourselves at the bottom of the Royal Mile at Holyroodhouse. Unfortunately it had just closed, but looming in the distance was Arthur’s Seat just begging to be hiked! Shopping bags in hand and aptly shod with ballet flats and espadrilles we took off!

Arthurs Seat Arthurs Seat 2 Arthurs Seat 3

Day 3:ย Rolled out of bed at 7:30am… why!!! aren’t I supposed to be on vacation! The Hairy Coo‘s we would hopefully be seeing later were my motivation! When we checked in Tina had pointed out a brochure for a day trip featuring very shaggy cows. I like cows! Brilliant! Unfortunately the tour was full when we checked online the day before, but! there was the possibility of ย joining if there were cancellations.

We showed up bushy eyed and way too excited outside Deacon’s Cafe on the.. wait for it… Royal Mile- seriously how convenient- and were greeted by a kilt wearing man in a beany. We got the last two spots and jumped on a bright orange bus. Our tour guide was great- an excellent mix of history and jokes including the Scottish way to say yes… Ay Freedom!!

On the agenda: the beautiful Forth Bridge.

Forth Bridge

A stop to hike to the William Wallace Monument outside of Stirling.

Wallace Monument

Pictures in front of the Stirling Castle.

Edinburgh 2013 Stirling Castle

A beautiful view of the only lake in Scotland that is not called a loch.

Scotland Loch

A hike through the Trossachs.


My favorite: Feeding the Hairy Coos!!!

Hairy Coo Me and Coo 1 Me and Coo 2 Me and Coo 3 Hairy Coo 2

Another solid favorite: Visiting Loch Katrine and biking around the edge of the lake.

Loch Kathrine 2 Loch Kathrine

Doune Castle- featured in Monty Python and Game of Thrones.

MontyPython Castle 2 MontyPython Castle

We finished off the night watching fireworks that were shot of the Edinburgh Castle. ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 4:ย We had a little bit of time before heading to the airport to catch our flight so we decided to go to Palace of Holyroodhouse at – you guessed it- the end of the Royal Mile! It was gorgeous! We had our own private tour of the old Abbey ruins connected to the palace. There’s just something about ruins… ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful!

AbbeyRuinsatHolyroodPalace Holyrood House Hat Holyrood House Coffins Holyrood House Abbey

The tour inside the palace was great. I would almost say that I liked it better than Versailles- oh the blasphemy!

Holyrood House Arthurs Seat Background

A brisk walk up the Royal Mile and a quick stop by some shops- I got the cutest gloves made from Shetland wool and a little knitted Hairy Coo. We picked up our bags and headed to the airport- with plenty of time. or so we thought. There must have been something causing us to have the worst of luck at airports because after smoothly going through a pretty darn cool security system, hitting a smile face for a positive experience, and a short wait at our gate, we were in line to board.

I was doing a little people watching and started to notice that all the passengers around us had a stamp on their ticket.. a stamp that we didn’t have. Right after I happened to notice this soon to be very important stamp, the flight attendant stopped by to check out tickets. We hadn’t gotten our passport validated at the check in desk downstairs. “You might just make the flight if you run now…” Tina and I just looked at each other- pure panic. More airport running?! nooooo!!!!! yes.

Running with full backpacks is quite difficult especially at the end of a trip. We flew through the airport though, back downstairs, got a stamp, almost got ushered through fast track security by some nice guys, and back through security (which had no line because well everyone was boarding!!). I think the though of adding yet another missed flight to my now lengthy list made my feet move just a little bit faster on the moving sidewalk. You know running on a moving sidewalk is actually quite fun- you feel like a superhero! hahaha! When we got to the late things looked very promising. There were still 3 people waiting in line to board. We got our tickets scanned, smushed our bags into a receptacle to check the size allowance and walked outside, sweating. ughhh.

But we made it- 1.5 hour flight to Paris, an hour bus ride to get into the city. and we were home. ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “A wee bit of Scotland~ Edinburgh”

  • Wow Molly! Forget Lonely Planet, I’m just going to retrace your steps for any future travels. You’re amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • aw Thanks so much Erica!! You are so lucky your bro is living there! I would be visiting all the time!

  • hahaha! Thanks Val! Let me know if you need any ideas!! I’ve got a whole list of tips I sent my parents after my trip that I need to add to this post! Can’t wait to come visit you in England!

  • Goregous, I’m really dying to go after visiting and having the most incredible experience in Ireland! And ONLY 5-6 flights?!! hahaha I’ve never missed one. Well, actually one connection due to a delayed first, but I don’t count it. Missing flights is my ultimate travel anxiety instiller

  • errr.. hahaha! I did miss another flight!!! At least we could jump on a flight the next day! Note to self: Pack Passport!!

  • Thanks! OMG I saw your beautiful photos from Ireland- I want to go there! umm yes only 5-6 flights- could be more actually. This was just an estimate. tehe I’ve got lots of fun stories to go with them. Like the one time I missed my flight on my first business trip. That was fun… haha!

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