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In March 2013 I traveled to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu. It was a huge decision but one I’m so happy I made. I’d love to help you answer any questions you have about traveling to Paris or going to Le Cordon Bleu. Give me a shout at! And don’t forget to check out My Recommendations.

Here’s a lot of posts I wrote on my travels, experiences, frustrations, and more that I’m always updating!

My Favorite Posts:

What’s Been Going On the Last Two Months in Paris


Life in Another Country

On Coming Back

On Moving & The Nitty Gritty of Living in France:

Exciting News! Le Cordon Bleu!

Preparing for the Move to France

Round One of French Paperwork Done

Meters Squared to Feet Squared: Apartments in France

Applying for a Student Visa Part 1

Applying for a Student Visa Part 2

Packing for the Expat Life in France

Apply for the Jeune Professionnel Visa

A Love Affair with French Taxes

What I Bring Back to France from the US

The French Visa for American Freelancers that You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyday Life:

On the Street Where I Live~Bonjour Paris!

Marche! 4+ Hour Walk Around Paris

Crunchy M&Ms~ Free Louvre Tickets~Cranky Checkout Lady

Champ de Mars

Brrrr! Il Fait Froid!

Easter in Paris!

Supermarche Excitement!

A Doctor Visit in Paris

Random Wanderings in Paris

A Walk by Diner en Blanc

Happy Fourth of July You Crazy Americans in Paris

Apple Pie Pops~ Paris Video

Bastille Day~Firemen! Fireworks! Fanfare!

La Tour de France

A Mexican Fiesta Outside of France

August in Paris

My New Owl~ Flea Markets

Mushroom “Galettes” or How to Cook in a Very Small Kitchen

Ai Ai Mexican Fiesta #2 + Guacamole Essentials

Les Mustaches! On the Run!

A Truly Legit Thanksgiving Feast in Paris

When Going to the Post Office in Paris Takes 2 Hours

Christmas in Paris

The Trip Back to the US

Le Cordon Bleu:

Le Cordon Bleu Paris- C’est Tres Cool!

LCB: Week 1 Diamentes et Tarte Tatin

Basic Pastry Graduation

The Most Beautiful Language in the World:

Budget Friendly Ways to Learn French

Frenchisms~ Si Si and Oo la la!

Lost in Translation: Funny Sayings in French

Trips Outside & Inside Paris:

Fontainebleau~ Let’s Go Chateauing!

Chantilly Chateau

Seine Boat Cruise

The Rodin Museum


A Trip to Versailles

Lille and an Awesome Food Tour

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte

Bruges: Chocolate, Waffles, and Frites

Brussels: Beer, Beer, and more Beer

Strasbourg Christmas Markets

Ribeauvillé: A Visit to a Little Medieval Christmas Market in Alsace

On Apartments (my nemesis):

The Hunt.

Un Coup de Chance?

Mon Nouvelle Apartement

Moving Moving Demenage.. Encore! yay.

Appartement Drama~ The Back Story to my trip to Brussels

Renting an Apartment in Paris

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