Meters Squared to Feet Squared: Apartments in France

Two and a half months till I’m hoping on a plane for Paris! eek!

I feel like questions are starting to get answered and we’re getting places with tax, visa, bank, and phone talk.

Then there’s the apartment. It has been so hard to find an apartment in Paris!  OMG! I think we’ve been looking for four months. haha You want to be in a good location, the apartment has to look nice, be available the dates you’re there and have the amenities you’re interested in. And there’s so many to choose from!

My awesome roommate and I have been perusing the following sites looking for places:




Paris Attitude

We’ve had the most luck with Lodgis and Paristay as far as selection and price. VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is very nice because it’s through the owners so no agency fees, which can be astronomical. The downside there is that the owners can be hard to get ahold of and slow to respond. For example, we found an apartment that was perfect, but the little old lady that owns it after responding back once confirming the price has not gotten back to us in about a month and a half. I was blaming the slow French way of life- but 1 month?

So we’re looking for more options- one in particular has my eye from Lodgis.


The pics keep going and there’s a floor map but that’s the general gist. Don’t steal it!

There was a debate on size- so I brought my dad into the room (an engineer) to help. We first calculated meters squared to feet squared then found that the total size might not be accounted for so I decided to reach out to the agency. I thought the discussion was over until… I heard the sound of a measuring tape after much pacing in the living room. After looking up the dimensions of a full sized bed and scrutinizing the possible size of the desk, doing several calculations, then walking into my room and measuring, I think we have now figured out the actual size of the apartment and bedrooms! That’s engineers for ya. haha

Unfortunately this apartment isn’t available till June.. and I’ll be there in March. Noo!

We’re thinking that we might get a place for March to May and then look at apartments for the remaining time once we’re there. It might be the best plan, since it is so hard to tell from the pictures the lay of the apartment and if it’s in a good location, etc.

Because of all the frustrations in finding, I might lend myself out to people moving overseas that need someone to inspect possible living arrangements when I’m there. haha oh France.

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  • Hi Molly! How exciting that you will be moving to Paris for culinary school.You’re going to have a blast! I went to the French Culinary Institute here in NY and I wish I could go back, like seriously. It was the best thing I ever did 🙂 Good luck to you!

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