August in Paris

A return of scarves and black articles of clothing has to mean one thing–> The Parisians are back! I might have been watching movies at an open air cinema in Paris and doing day trips. 🙂 Not a bad deal!

Open Air Cinema - Paris Audrey Hepburn Open Air Cinima - Paris

I’d actually been anticipating August since getting here after hearing all about it in the travel books I read. Would it live up to the hype? Does everyone really leave Paris for the entire month? But how?

Aug in Paris

Well I’m here to confirm that yes indeed Paris is dead! I saw a funny post on Facebook the other day showing pictures of major streets with absolutely no people.

It is so weird!!

One day I woke up at 6am to traffic outside my window and a couple days later, quiet. No it wasn’t the weekend,  just the beginning of August.

Aug in Paris- Bon Vacance

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, I wouldn’t plan it during this month – It’s so hot! And so many things are closed! Well because they’re clientele are all out of town!

Aug in Paris= Closed

Something neat is that the city puts on events for the people that are in town- music concerts, outdoor movies, and the famous Paris Plage! A beach on the banks of the Seine.

Paris Plage

There’s actually a law in France that a certain amount of boulangeries are open at one time – 400 to be exact. You can visit a website to see where the nearest open bakery is!

August in Paris-Lollipop

Following August, there’s what is called “La Rentree” aka. “the return!” – a return from vacation and a return to school!

Check out these mega- cute candies in a store window!


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