I started French classes at the Sorbonne. The teacher kept saying “Formidable!!!!” in the sense that we are doing awesome! All I kept thinking was ah! formidable! Run the other way! Maybe I don’t know the true definition of formidable in English?

The 50 year old ice cream man winked at me twice and said oooo tu es une belle americaine. wahaha chuckle chuckle I was just worried that they were out of Nutella ice cream. oh the travesty!!

My French doctor put me on 8 days of antibiotics and suggested that if I plan on drinking, to just not take that nights antibiotic. *wink*

Said doctor magically understood English this visit too. My amazing friend that came to help translate think he brushed up on his English for my visit, or something like that…?

I wrote an entire text that was longer than 1 sentence in French!

I got asked for directions twice, once by an expat, the other by a French woman, all in the span of 20 minutes in my neighborhood. what?!

oh and we had a lovely picnic in front of the Eiffel! Because it’s finally warmer than 52 degrees! I LOVE Picnics!!! in Paris!!

Picnic 6-4-13

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3 thoughts on “Au’jourdhui~”

  • Ahh Molly! .. not only could you be picking up a parisian.. but a parisian doctor?? Ooo la la! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time! Love reading your posts!

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