Bake For Hope Bake Sale

Yesterday I organized a bake sale at my work for Bake for Hope. It’s a nationwide bakesale happening all week in locations all over the United States. All funds collected are donated to Susan G. Komen to help find a cure for breast cancer.

There were cute little pink plates and an antique milk jug for donations. I made labels for all of the iterms (cause I’m a nerd) with stars on items with nuts. Hey- people had to know what was what! I baked four kinds of cookies: Ginger Cookies (these were first to go!), Chocolate Sugar Cookies (post to come soon!), Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies,  and White Chocolate Chip Cookies (posting soon!). My friend made the Nutella Chip Cookies from my blog! She added milk chocolate and semisweet chocolate chips to them. They were delicious and the one thing I couldn’t resist trying even though I’m on a eat-no-sugar (among many things) diet. Darn you Amanda!
I also obtained an awesome recipe for Maple Nut Cookies. I’ll have to post it so you can all try them at home. They were delectable (ya I tried these too- come on sitting at a bake sale for four hours would test anyone’s self control! Don’t judge!). The cake below is a chocolate peanut butter cake with chocolate peanut clusters on top. I so wish I was a chocolate/peanut butter fan. Everyone was raving about it.
Guess how much our humble bake sale raised…. drum roll…. $268.35 for Susan G. Komen!!!!!
ok I’m done with the exclamation points now! ok now. 🙂
You can check to see if there’s a Bake for Hope bake sale going on near you here. There’s also a couple more days to put one together too!
Wow two bake sales in a row. That’s got to be a record.
Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Bake For Hope Bake Sale”

  • Thanks for checking out my blog! Your peanut butter cake looks amazing. I look forward to that recipe!

  • Wonderful cause, congrats on the successful bake sale! Everything really looks fantastic!

  • Thanks for visiting my blog! Our blogs were born 2 days apart! So fun! I will become a follower! And I have to say…I am a fan of exlamation marks and gossip girl too!

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