19 Best Baking Gifts for Kids & Teens

holiday gift ideas for young bakers

19 Best Baking Gifts for Kids & Teens

Do you have a young baker on your holiday gifting list this year? Use our guide to the best baking gifts for kids and teens and make shopping easier.

I absolutely love it when I hear about kids and teens who are passionate about baking. I grew up baking with my family and it became a passion for me at a young age. 

These days, I love to support bakers of all ages as they learn to create delicious treats, whether it’s cookies and brownies or traditional French pastries

Whether you’re shopping for a young child just learning to bake or a tween or teen who is already an independent baker, this list of baking gifts for kids has something for everyone!

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Shop the Best Gifts for Young Bakers

“Let Them Eat Cake” the Molly from Versailles Children’s Book

Molly from Versailles children's book about France, one of the best baking gifts for kids

Never did I ever think I’d create a children’s book about my life story. But here I am! While people around the world know me for my online baking courses and cookbook, this children’s book tells the story of how I went from a Texan who loved baking to a French pastry chef living in Versailles!

If you have a young baker in need of a little inspiration to follow their dreams, this book is the perfect gift!

My Kid’s Apron

kids apron

There’s something so special about kids having their very own apron. There’s almost no better way to welcome your kids into the kitchen and give them ownership over their baking. Keep your kiddo clean (ish) while making delicious treats and foster their love of being in the kitchen with these kid-sized aprons, one of the best baking gifts for kids.

Complete Baking Book for Kids

The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs, one of the best baking gifts for kids

Consider this the ultimate kids’ baking cookbook. This book includes more than 100 sweet and savory recipes to make at home, all geared toward young bakers. Your child can learn how to make everything from muffins, cupcakes and cookies to pizza, flatbread and other savory goods.

Even better? You can get this book in a lay-flat spiral-bound version that will actually stay open on the kitchen counter!

Paris Cookie Cutter Set

Paris cookie cutter set for kids

Foster a love of all things Paris with this adorable cookie-cutter set. Create cookies in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, a bicycle, a poodle, a vintage plaque and more. This cookie cutter set is one of the best baking gifts for kids with an interest in France.

Williams Sonoma Kids’ Pizza Set 

Williams Sonoma pizza making kit for kids

This pizza-making kit from Williams Sonoma includes everything your child needs to make delicious, homemade pizza the whole family can enjoy! This set includes a wooden pizza peel, 12-inch pizza pan, pizza cutter, bench scraper, mini prep bowls, mixing bowl, a kid-size apron and a storage box for everything.

All you need is a great pizza dough recipe and you’ll have a mini pizza chef in your kitchen!

Eat2Explore France Kit

Eat2Explore cooking kit for kids

Eat2Explore is an amazing company that creates themed boxes to help kids experience global cuisines from the comfort of their own home. The Eat2Explore France box includes information about France and three recipes kids can make with their parents, including Boeuf Bourguignon, Fish en papillote and French roast chicken.

Each box comes with specially sourced non-perishable ingredients, recipe cards, educational activity sheets, relevant cooking tools and a shopping list.

Kitchen Counter Step Stool

kids kitchen step stool for counter

There’s nothing worse than trying to bake when you can barely see over the counter! This two-level step stool is perfect for kids who need a little extra height to reach their baking supplies.

This solid wood step stool comes in both white and natural wood and is small enough to not take up too much space in your kitchen. It’s one of the best baking gifts for kids who love to be involved in the kitchen.

Kids Silicone Baking Set

Kids silicone baking set

This kids’ baking set is the ultimate set of kid-size tools. Give your kids everything they need to make just about any baking recipe. This set includes measuring spoons, measuring cups, rolling pin, frosting spreader, spatula, kitchen brush, cookie scoop, kid-safe knife and more.

The baking set also comes with recipe cards so your kids can start using their new kitchen tools right away.

Kids Wooden Baking Set

Kids wooden baking set, one of the best baking gifts for kids

If you’re looking for a baking set that looks as good as it functions, this is it. This gorgeous wood, stainless steel and green silicone baking set includes a wooden carry case that you won’t mind sitting on your kitchen counter.

This set also includes a unique wooden knife, wooden chopper, wooden cutting board and kid-size apron.

Personalized Mixing Bowl

Personalized mixing bowl for kids

Kids love anything with their name on it! Give them the gift of their very own mixing bowl personalized with their name and their favorite treat. Whether you want a “Brittany’s Brownie Bowl,” a “Carl’s Cookie Bowl” or any other personalization you can make this gift your own!

Customizable Cookie Cutters

Personalized cookie cutters for kids

The only thing better than a personalized mixing bowl…is a personalized cookie cutter! These adorable letter and number cookie cutters can be customized with your child’s name – so they can lay their claim to their cookies!

Future Pastry Chef T-Shirt

Future Pastry Chef t shirt for kids

Inspire your child’s pastry chef dream young with this Future Pastry Chef t-shirt for toddlers. This shirt features black-and-white illustrations of some of the best pastries and desserts, from macarons and croissants to donuts and cake.

Sparkle Maple Syrup

sparkle maple syrup, one of the best baking gifts for kids

Pancakes with glitter is basically what childhood dreams are made of! This unique maple sparkle syrup from Sur La Table is made with pure maple syrup and food-grade mica that is totally flavorless. Use this syrup on pancakes or waffles or to make a sparkling lemonade (or cocktail for the grown-up helpers!).

Fruit and Vegetable Cookie Cutters

fruit and vegetable cookie cutters for kids

Get kids excited about making their own school lunches or a healthy fruit and veggie platter with these mini cookie cutters. These are some of the best gifts for young bakers that help them turn their favorite snacks into stars, hearts, flowers, and more and encourage them to eat more healthy foods!

Fun-Shaped Popsicle Molds

Unique popsicle molds for kids

Whether your little chef is a fan of dinosaurs, vehicles, spaceships or flowers, they can make popsicles that match their interests! These shaped silicone molds can be used to make your own popsicle creations. 

Blend up a smoothie to make creamy fruit popsicles or simply mix water and flavoring for an easy summer treat. You can also use these molds to make Jello shapes for a fun party dessert!

Fun & Crazy Sprinkles

Unique sprinkles for kids, one of the best baking gifts for kids

Sprinkles make everything better – especially when they’re colorful and come in fun shapes! Stock up on the ultimate sprinkle collection for your young baker so they’ll be ready to decorate cookies, cupcakes, cakes and more – no matter what holiday is coming up! Choose from a variety of colors, shapes and seasonal sprinkles.

Croissant Stuffed Animal

croissant stuffed animal for kids

Move over, teddy bears! There’s a new plush toy in town…and it’s a stuffed croissant! Consider these the stuffed toys that a young baker’s dreams are made of. Get them a stuffed croissant, baguette, pretzel or slice of bread and watch as it becomes their go-to bedtime plushie.

Cake Backpack

Cake backpack for kids

I would have absolutely worn this backpack when I was a kid. Backpacks are a great way to show friends and teachers more about your interests. This pink backpack features dozens of illustrated cakes – letting the world know where your young baker’s passion lies.

Our Little Adventure to the Farmer’s Market Kids’ Book

farmer's market book for kids

This gorgeous little book is perfect for toddlers and young kids who are interested in food. The book takes parents and kids on a trip to the farmers market and features beautiful watercolor illustrations.

The author has years of experience helping kids develop their language skills, so the book also features vocabulary and early language concepts for toddlers.

The Parisian ABCs Book

The Parisian ABCs children's book

I love a children’s book that is entertaining for adults, too. And The Parisian ABCs is absolutely that kind of book! The book celebrates French cliches from A to Z with tongue-in-cheek humor that kids (and adults) will love.

This is sure to become a favorite read for any Francophile and their kids.

Give More Baking Gifts for Kids and Beyond

Need even more ideas for gifts for bakers (and more)? Check out our other holiday gift guides this season and get dozens of ideas for all your favorite people.


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