Baking Tip: Avoiding a Messy Kitchen

I’ve got this little series going on called Baking Tips! If you’ve got a tip, let me know! I’d love to feature it.

Today’s Tip of the Day!

Use your tools/bowls wisely. There’s nothing more fun than baking- including a massive mound of dishes afterwards. Sometimes it can’t be avoided but there are a lot of times where you can use that same measuring spoon or bowl multiple times. Installing a new Urban Kitchen modern kitchen faucet can really help make doing dishes easier. strawberry napoleon My favorite is using one large liquid measuring cup to measure all my liquids. Does it call for melted butter? Melt it in the liquid measuring cup, then add any other liquids in that same cup on top (maybe it’s 1/2 cup of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla and an egg). What just happened here? I probably saved using a bowl to melt my butter, another bowl to crack the egg, and a liquid measuring cup to measure the milk.

A way to save even more bowls- go metric! Your baking experience will be forever changed. No measuring spoons! Measure all the dry ingredients in session. No need to lift the bowl and restart, or add up in your head when to stop for the next ingredient. Just hit Tare to zero it out and start measuring!


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