Baking Tips: Bread Flour

The Baking Tip series is off and running with a tip from our Bread Expert Ian Chin! I’m no where near a bread maker- never claimed to be, I maybe will be in the future, but I always go to Ian with my bread questions.  His bread making is incredibly, incredibly impressive. He knows the weight of ingredients in his head! I’ve told Ian many a time that he should just move down to Texas and become my resident bread maker. He would say- This is your life! and then giggle. Check out his vlog series called the Baking Chin.

Today’s Bread tip@!

Most of the time All-Purpose will do! Ian actually never uses bread flour when making bread! The extra protein in the flour will actually make for a tougher loaf. To get very specific, he says that 11% protein is plenty. You could use it for a weaker dough like brioche or ciabatta, but even then it’s unnecessary because our flours in the US are actually already pretty strong. The equivalent to All Purpose in France, for my French buddies, is Type 55.

So, don’t let flour hold you back from making bread!

Bread Flour


Extra flour tip! When using different flours such as rye or buckwheat you will most of the time add a wheat flour as well to add strength because these flours do not have gluten. If you make a buckwheat loaf, the percentage of wheat flour has to be 80-90%. Rye can be 50/50 rye/wheat.


Ka-Bam! Have a bread question for the bread expert? I know I always have about 20! Post it below in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Baking Tips: Bread Flour”

  • I have a pizza crust recipe that calls for Semolina flour and Bread flour I was wondering if you could find out if the semolina flour is a must. Would be a lot more convenient if I could just use All Purpose.
    Thank you

  • You can certainly use just all-purpose flour! The taste will not be the same, but it will work. Semolina has more protein than regular flour, but less gluten, so will hold together less. But yes! Use all-purpose if you don’t have anything else!


  • Thank you Ian and Molly! Not always convenient to make the hour trip to get Semolina flour. I think pizza will be on tomorrows menu!

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