Baking Tip: Bread & Kneading!

Our bread expert is back! And this time Ian Chin of the Baking Chin is talking about Kneading bread!

And here it is…. drumrollll…… today’s tip!

Smooth, Springy dough makes for a well Kneaded dough! This takes about 6-10 minutes by hand and 4-7 minutes by machine. The dough will look smooth on top and elastic, bouncing back when touched.

Kneaded Bread Dough

Bonus Tip! When kneading, don’t add extra flour! Instead, if needed use a little oil or water (Ian uses a water spray gun). The dough might stick at first but will come together and pull away from the surface you’re working on. This also helps develop gluten!

The perfect white bread recipe? Ian’s got you covered!

Do you have a tip? Share it in the comments below or send me an email at toffeebitsandchocolatechips (at)!


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