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Tips Tips, Tips and Tricks! One tip every Monday!

This week’s tip/trick/handy to know is…. Use that Freezer! Another tip I picked up at my stage at La Fabrique a Gateaux. The pastries we made were composed of several different components that would be assembled to make the final product. We would make each component in bulk, freeze them, and then each night pull out the amount that was needed for the next day, and depending on the product assemble them the night before while they were still frozen or the next morning.


Now- this isn’t exactly how it applies in a home kitchen. Use your freezer to quickly cool something down- for example, making sugar cookies, I will put the cut, ready to bake cookies in the freezer for 15 minutes before sticking them in the oven to help keep their shape. Or if a soft cookie dough needs to chill before being formed, I’ll stick it in the freezer wrapped in plastic and pushed into a rectangle that’s about 1 inch thick and suddenly your hour to two hours turns into 15-20 minutes. Or here’s one more scenario, making cream puffs quickly in the morning, the choux pastry was too hot to fill, popped in the freezer for 5 minutes and they’re good to go! No melted cream! Ah that brings to mind another way you can use the freezer/fridge, cooling down melted butter or chocolate- just be careful to not leave it in too long or you’ll have to start all over- 2 minutes then check it!

**Don’t be fooled! The Freezer is not going to kill your flavor but pack it in. I will throw something that I made in the freezer the day I made it if I know we won’t be eating it for two days. It’s great for planning ahead too. If I’m making a tart, I’ll make smaller tart shells from the left over pieces, bake them off and they’re ready to be filled at a moments notice. Did I make a few too many cupcakes? In the freezer for a last minute birthday party or house guest.

The freezer is your friend!


Have a tip? Let me know in the comments or by email at toffeebitsandchocolatechips (at) I’d love to feature you in an upcoming post!



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