Baking Tips: Cracking Eggs

The baking tips series continues! Here’s our next one!

Cracking eggs flat instead of on an edge. Nothing fancy here but it sure makes it easier. I was always in the habit of cracking an egg on the side of a countertop or bowl – tapping several times and then opening up the shell. One good smack on a flat counter top and you’re in business. Less shell. Less work. No timidness here! I learned this at my stage where cracking 18 eggs was the minimum amount and 50 was the norm. I’d watch my chef get into a rhythm, one egg in each hand. Crack! Crack! and then emptied in the bowl. She would usually be done in about 30 seconds or less with 50-odd eggs.

*Want to separate an egg one handed? Essentially after cracking the egg, you slightly crush it (the shell should hold together if you don’t grip too hard because of the membrane) and then using your pinky and thumb pull the egg apart.

A look at some eggs from Texas:


And this super cool idea to use temporary tattoos on eggs from The SoHo blog!

texas_easter_eggs rah rah Texas eggs! One day I will have my own chickens!

If you’re a baker with an awesome tip, let me know! I would love to feature you in a post!



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