Baking Tips: Fixing Over Whipped Cream

ah whipped cream! So easy to do and a fantastic accompaniment to so many desserts.

Here’s our next baking tip!

Fix over whipped cream by adding a little un-whipped cream! But not if it’s to the almost churned into butter stage. First here’s how to make whipped cream- throw some heavy whipping cream in a mixer with the whisk attachment and whip away at med-high speed! Depending on your quantity it could take between 3-5 minutes.  To impress your friends even more and add a fancy name, add powdered sugar and a drizzle of vanilla at the end and pow- Chantilly. You can do this by hand as well! What does overwhipped look like? The texture will no longer be smooth peaks.

Here’s a great comparison picture from a blog done by Cardamom Kitchen over at the Whole Foods Blog.


The picture above is at the very first stage of over whipping. As it progresses larger clumps will form.

Now! How to fix this, add a little more cream to the bowl, stir or whip in (watching carefully) and voila you’re saved!

Bonus Tip: Using whipped cream in several things? Measure out the total quantity that you’ll need, whip all of it at once and then keep it in the fridge until you need it. Give it a quick whip with a whisk (about 5-6 times around the bowl will work) right before you measure the amount you need. I wouldn’t hang on to it in the fridge more than a day though or it will lose it’s volume completely.

Bonus Bonus Tip: The max amount that you can whip in a normal sized mixer is one liter.

Bonus Bonus Bonus Tip: When whipping a large amount of cream, use plastic wrap to create a shield to protect your kitchen from flying cream! Start at the back of the mixer then around the open space and back to connect.

And there you have it! A four in one!

Have a cool baking tip you want to share? Let me know and I’ll feature your tip in an upcoming post!

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