Baking Tips: When Bread is Done!

Ian is here! With more bread baking tips!

I ask Ian a billion questions whenever I’m thinking about making bread or just randomly. One important question came up when I was making a loaf of bread, while giving updates via Facebook at each stage to Ian. I was taking a peak in the oven with 10 minutes to go and it was looking pretty brown. Having not thought ahead, I rushed to my laptop and asked Ian- How do I know when my bread is done!!!!!

There are three signs to a baked bread! The first (and my favorite), it will sound hollow when knocked on. The next, and one that I’m very familiar with, stick a toothpick in and it should come out clean! Then, if all else fails, take it’s temperature! Baked bread will be at 200ºF or about 93ºC.

How to Know when Bread is Done!

My bread was hollow sounding, and at right about 170 when I tested it (but it had been out of the oven for about a minute so the temperature had dropped quite a bit), and the toothpick was clean! Can’t wait to cut into it tomorrow!!

Be sure to check out Ian’s baking vlogs over on YouTube on The Baking Chin!


Have a tip? Let me know! I’d love to feature you on the next edition of “Baking Tips!”

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