20+ Best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

20 holiday gifts for bakers

20+ Best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

Explore our favorite fun Christmas gifts for bakers! Whether your loved one likes baking bread, cookies, cakes or other treats, these baker gifts will make their spirits bright and inspire them to get into the kitchen.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member or romantic partner, finding the perfect gift is not easy. But if someone on your shopping list is a home baker (or wants to be!) then your shopping just got a little bit easier.

As a French pastry chef, I’ve spent years trying out the best baking tools and equipment. And because I have a lot of experience teaching students from beginners to advanced, I know what bakers need – and what they want!

Give the baking enthusiast in your life something unexpected, unique and totally perfect for them this year by using this guide as your holiday shopping list.

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The 22 Best Christmas Gifts for Bakers, from Beginners and Beyond

Choose one item or shop the whole list and have yourself a very merry Christmas.

French Pastry Cookbook

French Pastry Made Simple cookbook by Molly Wilkinson

If you’re shopping for a home baker who wants to start branching out and trying more advanced recipes, give them the gift of French pastry recipes. My cookbook, French Pastry Made Simple, is a great first step into French pastry for anyone used to making cookies and brownies who wants to try something new.

This cookbook can help the reader master basic recipes like 30-minute puff pastry, lemon curd and chocolate ganache and learn to make dozens of traditional French desserts. 

French Pastry for Beginners

French Pastry for Beginners graphic

Help your favorite baker advance their skills and learn the art of French pastry with my online baking course, French Pastry for Beginners. In this 12-week course, they’ll learn how to make their favorite French pastries from scratch in their own kitchen with everyday ingredients and basic equipment – even if they’ve only baked cookies and brownies before!

Folio Cutting Board Set

folio cutting board set

Cutting boards are one of the most common kitchen tools out there, but these folio cutting board sets are anything but ordinary. Whether your loved one has a small kitchen without much storage or they just like to be as organized as possible, these cutting board sets are one of the best gifts for bakers.

Three (or more) cutting boards come with a storage folio, allowing you to keep them all together and organized in your pantry, cabinets or drawers.

Funny Spatulas

Christmas funny spatula, one of the best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

There’s not much better than a good food pun…except maybe a food pun on a great baking spatula! These funny spatulas make a great baking equipment gift for bakers who also have a sense of humor.

Choose from five punny sayings like “Christmas Thyme” and “Guacin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and get them a baking tool they’ll actually use (and love!).

4-Tiered Collapsible Baking Rack

4-tier collapsible baking rack

If you’ve ever heard your loved one complain about not having enough counter space for baking, then this unique gift for bakers is for them! This 4-tiered collapsible baking rack lets you stack cookies, tarts and other treats on the counter to cool without taking up a lot of space.

Even better? The copper finish on this baking rack is seriously gorgeous! I can picture my Egg Yolk Chocolate Chip Cookies cooling there now.

Baker’s Dusting Wand

Baking dusting wand

A dusting wand is one of those baking tools no one thinks they need…until they own one! Then they can’t understand how they ever lived without it. A dusting wand is one of the best Christmas gifts for bakers who want to level up their dessert game and perfect their baking skills.

Use this dusting wand to dust a thin layer of flour over a greased pan before baking or use it to add just enough spices, powdered sugar and other toppings to cakes, cookies and more.

Piping Tip Set

Stainless steel piping set

This piping tip set is a must-have for anyone who loves to make pastries and decorate cookies, cakes and other treats. This stainless steel piping tip set includes 12 large piping tips in a variety of shapes and sizes and comes in a handy storage container. This set also includes a brush to clean the piping tips.

Kitchen Measurements Magnet

kitchen measurements magnet, one of the best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

No more frantic Googling to figure out how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon or how grams convert to cups. This handy kitchen measurements magnet can be kept right on the fridge, so your favorite baker is never in the dark about how to make their favorite treats.

Cake Decorating Revolving Cake Plate

revolving cake plate for frosting

Does your loved one enjoy baking cakes but is still learning how to frost them like a pro? Make the process easier with this revolving cake plate. Not only can this function as a cake stand to serve a tasty treat, it also spins – making it easier to achieve a smooth application of frosting every time. This gift is on the expensive side, but it will be with them for a lifetime and is much more stable than others on the market! 

Nordic Ware Pan

gold bundt pan

Every home baker needs a great bundt pan – and yet it’s a type of pan many don’t already own. Even if your favorite baker does have a bundt pan already, they’re often a collector’s item. Most bakers I know will never turn down a fun new design! This Nordic Ware bundt pan features a beautiful, swirling design and is pretty enough to display on an open shelf or even on a wall hook in the kitchen.

Le Creuset Heritage Pie Dish

Anything by Le Creuset makes a great gift – their products are high-quality and long-lasting. And they’re pretty, too! This Le Creuset Heritage Pie Dish comes in 11 different colors so you can choose your loved ones favorite. 

They will love baking pies in this gorgeous, ceramic pie plate that can go from the freezer to the oven to the table without chips, cracks and stains.

Vain Vanilla

Vain Vanilla, one of the best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

Vanilla extract is one of the most common ingredients in baked goods – almost as common as flour, sugar and eggs! Give your loved one the gift of high-quality vanilla you can’t find in a regular grocery store.

Vain Vanilla combines high-quality spirits and the best, single-source vanilla beans available to create many different flavors of vanilla extract that can make their baked goods better. We love their Baker’s Bundle as a gift!

Traditional Dough Hook

Food Nanny dough hook for baking

A dough hook is something your baking enthusiast probably doesn’t already own – but will be so happy to have! A traditional dough hook is basically like a wooden spoon and a whisk in one. It can be used to mix eggs, cake batter, bread dough, cookie dough and more. This is a really unique gift for any baker!

Laguiole Cutlery Set

LaGuiole red cutlery set

If your loved one is going to be doing more baking, they might as well have some beautiful cutlery to eat it all with! I absolutely love this red set from Laguiole

A traditional peasant tool, the Laguiole knife has been used in the south of France for over 200 years. Today, this cutlery set features stainless steel sharpened blades, stainless steel caps and (bonus!) is even dishwasher safe.

Great British Baking Mug

Great British Baking Show mug

Does someone on your list love The Great British Baking Show? This gift is for them! Let them know you think they’re a star with this “You’re My Star Baker” mug featuring an illustration of the show’s own Noel Fielding.

The mug comes in two sizes and is a great way to support a small business owner on Etsy, too!

Macaron Ornaments

French macaron Christmas ornaments, one of the best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

If macarons are the way to your loved one’s heart (right there with them!), then they will swoon for these adorable macaron ornaments. The ornaments come in a set of six and each features unique colors.

Bring the magic of French pastry to their home – no baking required!

Macaron Tea Towel

French macaron tea towel

Keep the French pastry theme going by pairing this macaron tea towel with the Christmas ornaments. This adorable tea towel features beautiful macaron illustrations in many different colors, accompanied by the French names for each flavor.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

There’s no denying that a KitchenAid stand mixer is probably the ultimate gift for bakers. If a home baker in your life doesn’t have one of these, I can pretty much guarantee they want one! 

With dozens of attachments available, they can use a KitchenAid to make everything from cookies and brownies to frosting, meringue, whipped cream and even ice cream, pasta, ground meat and more.

This mixer is the Artisan version and the one that I use in my kitchen! It comes in more than 20 colors, so there’s sure to be one they’ll love! 

KitchenAid Pastry Beater

KitchenAid pastry attachment

The KitchenAid Pastry Beater is one of my absolute favorite attachments for my stand mixer. If your loved one enjoys baking pastries or wants to start trying French pastry recipes, this is a must-have baking tool.

The beater attaches to the KitchenAid mixer to break cold butter into small pieces, creating a consistent texture in pastry dough. Use this for a variety of flaky doughs, like biscuits, scones, tarts and more. You can even use the pastry beater to shred meats and mash fruits and vegetables.

KitchenAid Mixer Cover

KitchenAid stand mixer cover, one of the best Christmas Gifts for Bakers

A fun accessory for a baker with a KitchenAid is a cute cover! The tight-fitting cover protects the mixer when not in use and even includes a storage pocket to keep their favorite attachments organized and easy to access.

I love this pink-and-white striped cover, but it comes in other colors too!

Molly’s Apron, Tea Towel & Oven Mitt

molly j wilk pastry boutique

Shop my very own apron, tea towel and oven mitt to gift to your favorite baker! These are the exact tools I use in my kitchen every day while baking. They’re high-quality and durable, so they’ll last your baking loved one for years to come. See these and more of my favorite products in my boutique!

Ready to Give the Best Gifts for Bakers?

I hope this gift guide was helpful as you figure out what to give to the baker who has everything in your life. But if you need more unique gift ideas for bakers – and everyone in your life- then be sure to explore our other holiday gift guides!


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20 holiday gifts for bakers

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