Best Cookware Shops in Paris & What to Buy in Each

Best Cookware Shops in Paris & What to Buy in Each

With Paris opening up and trips being planned, I want to put these cookware shops on your list as places to shop for baking and cooking equipment in Paris! Every trip I make to Paris I go to the same area- the 2nd arrondissement (see the full guide here). It’s where I lived for a year and a half during a 3-year stint in Paris and where I made my home in the city. It used to be home to the largest farmer’s market in Paris and because of that, it is THE area for cookware shops in Paris. They’re so close you can shop-hop from one to the next browsing and picking up unique baking ingredients or supplies from each. There are 4 main shops I go to for pastry equipment for my pastry classes in Versailles and to further build out my baking supplies: E.Dehillerin, Mora, G.Detou, and DecoRelief.

#1 E.Dehillerin ~ 18-20 Rue Coquillière, 75001 Paris

It’s magical to even just walk into this store. It looks untouched since it opened in 1820. Each item has a numbered label. To see the price, look in one of the spiral binders placed around the store. When you’re ready to checkout, take your items to the wood table where they’ll make a list for you to then take to the cash register just behind. Pay and then return with your receipt for beautifully wrapped cooking tools to take home- each in brown paper bond together with tape the signature yellow and green of the shop. Be sure you go downstairs to the basement to see the rows of massive pots available for purchase.

Here I’d recommend purchasing:

  • Matfer heavy-duty quarter-sized sheet baking pans – excellent quality and weight for any bake. They can be hard to find as sometimes they’re just leaning against one of the back walls, so check with one of the staff!
  • Beautifully made metal spatulas and knives, engraved with the shop name and meant to last.
  • All sorts of sized tart pans. Look underneath the knives for long rectangle-shaped tart molds, square molds or varying diameters, and more.
  • Petit-four tart pans – on the right-hand side of the aisle look in the little plastic bins for small tart shells perfect for those bite-sized treats.
  • Whisks! Either here or at Mora, you can’t go wrong.

*A lot of people go here for copper pans. They certainly are beautiful! I haven’t been struck by the copper fairy though, which is why I didn’t put them on the list. If you like them though – then this is your store!

#2 Mora~ 13 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris

A great cookware shop in Paris! The easiest to navigate and the range of baking and decorating supplies are extensive. Upon entering the store turn immediately to the right to go to their decorating section. There I buy:

  • Manageable sizes of:
    • Pistachio paste
    • Pralines Rose (pink candied almonds and hazelnuts for brioche, cookies, or tarts- a Lyon specialty)
    • Praline paste – a gorgeous paste that’s blended caramelized hazelnuts (this is what makes Paris-Brest SO good or those praline chocolates)
  • Powdered Food Coloring – yes it’s expensive, but you’ll use it for YEARS and it’s so hard to find elsewhere. Just buy the primary colors.
  • For my expat friends: bags of BAKING SODA in France – no more searching at the grocery store or pharmacy. Look for Bicarbonate Alimentaire.
  • Fun decorating bobbles – like googly eyes for Halloween or cute candy canes for Christmas

They have usually one or two lovely ladies to help as well. Then I head out into the main section to find:

  • Along the left wall, rows and rows of different sized tart rings
  • Whisks of all different sizes are located in the aisles by the tart rings. I would highly recommend getting one here. You’ll never worry about the handle falling off ever again.
  • In the pastry area. Here I buy, rolls of disposable piping bags (100 in a pack! or a pack of 10!), professional-grade piping tips, madeleine pans, and the rolling pins I like.
  • Have fun browsing the chocolate and silicone molds too!

#3 Deco Relief ~ 9, rue Montorgueil 75001 Paris

Deco Relief, a bit smaller than Mora and E.Dehillerin, and maybe not quite as impressive. But they have some great finds and not to be confusing, two shops, back to back with entrances on different streets, but not connected.

I go here for two things, and usually, browse still for other interesting baking supplies. What I buy:

  • Gold boards – they come in packs of 20 for about €1.04-2.04 per pack. Small to large circles for tarts and entremets and rectangles of various sizes for everything from mille feuille to Opera cake.
  • White boxes – this is more for those living and delivering in the Paris-area. I buy my boxes in bulk online now but when in a crux or if I need a couple of a very specific size, I still stop by here to pick some up.

#4 G.Detou~ 58 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris

Not a baking supply shop in Paris, but rather an ingredient store. Fabulous for those living in the city, or people on vacation that would like to take some culinary-themed souvenirs home. The name comes from the original owner, but if you say it quickly it sounds like “j’ai de tout” in French which means “I have everything” and they certainly do!

Here’s what I buy:

  • Kilo sized bags of ground almonds for macarons and tart crusts
  • Vanilla Powder
  • Nuts! Pecans, walnuts, etc.
  • Large containers of Baking Powder in France
  • Kilo bags of fabulous chocolate for baking either Valrhona or Cocoa Berry. They have tons of different kinds.
  • Any special pastry ingredients I need like: gelatin sheets, glucose, inverted sugar, etc etc. They even have inverted puff pastry for sale! Great for if you’re doing a large party, want the best, and don’t have time to make it yourself.

For food souvenirs, or just because they’re delicious:

  • Tonka Beans (be careful, these are not allowed in all countries)
  • Mustard – they have little jars of Edmond Fallot mustard in so many different flavors (2€ each!)
  • Piment d’Espelette – the only pepper native to France. It’s a mild spicy perfect to go on anything. I have the ground version, they also have pastes, mustards and jellies!
  • Nougat! There are packages of individually wrapped pieces of nougat. Oh my so good!! I throw a couple in each package I send home to the States.
  • Caramel Beurre Sale – salted caramel sauce! They have it in a squeeze bottle! YUM.

For more specialty pastry supplies, you’ll find them behind the counter on the left as you enter the shop. Just ask the nice guys or gals there for help. I used to go in with a list when I was at the Cordon Bleu. They’re also extremely helpful if you have questions.

When you’re ready to check out, bring your items to the counter on the left of the shop. Much like E.Dehillerin, they’ll scan the items and print out a receipt for you to take to the cash register area in the middle of the shop to pay.

Even if you might not have room in your suitcase for a kilo of almond flour (who does!), I would certainly recommend just popping your head in to look. Reminds me of something that would come straight out of Harry Potter!

Other Recommendations in the Area:

Stohrer Patisserie – the oldest pastry shop in Paris. Just a 3 minute walk from G.Detou. I get a caramel eclair and a puits d’amour, a decadent dessert that’s vanilla pastry cream in a high tart shell with a bruleed top. The name literally means “well of love”. I’d be happy to fall into one of those!

51 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris

Librarie Gourmande – a bookshop dedicated to cookbooks!! Two floors of fun. Head upstairs for the English section.

92-96 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

For lots of other great ideas for things to eat in this area, see my guide to the 2nd Arrondissement.

6 thoughts on “Best Cookware Shops in Paris & What to Buy in Each”

  • Molly, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to post about these recommended cooking stores AND what to look for at each one!!

  • I am so grateful for this article FULL of great information. I will be traveling to Paris at the end of April and will enjoy all these places, as you have. Merci!!

  • Ah, you featured my favorite mustard! Yum. Molly, I am enjoying your classes and wonderful surprises like this post.
    Two years ago I was scheduled to attend a cooking school at Julia Child’s summer home near the French Riviera. Sadly, COVID had another plan….. Are there online cooking classes like yours that focus on the savory side?
    A huge fan,

  • Wonderful resource…thanks so much! Have been to Paris several times but all of these are new to me. Now I can’t wait to go back!

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