Brrrr!! Il Fait Froid!

Holy moly it’s crazy cold! 40 degrees and it’s almost April- totally not used to this. I woke up at noon today. The very weird sleep schedule continues. This was after I went to bed at 3am? hm. I’m getting plenty of sleep but not really at the hours I want.

I headed out to just plain walk- no purpose or intent except to get to know the area better. First bought some metro tickets- un carnet or a pack of ten tickets. Quite successfully too- I might have even been asked for directions while I was waiting in line. Then off I went, through the Champs de Mars and boy were there a TON of people out, jogging, walking, playing soccer. There was even a “race track” set up for the kids with go-kart type bikes.

Bikes in Champs de Mars 3-24-13

Kept walking North and ended up at Les Invalides!

Les Invalides 3-24-13

Then up up up across the Seine after passing some guys playing street hockey on bikes.

Paris Bridge 3-24-13

And questioned by two more tourists for directions. Then continued on my way and my path was stopped by police. hmm I turned a bit and walked down another street and I was on the Champs Elysses in the middle of a protest.

Protest 3-24-13

Protest Video 3-24-13 I recorded a bit! Pretty exciting until I found out it was a protest against gay marriage.

So on my way again! Across the Seine, found that I was on Blvd D’Orsay the street the American Church in Paris is on! I saw a Cathedral and headed that way- Bingo!

American Church in Paris 3-24-13

I stopped in and can’t wait to get more involved.

On my way back, spotting the Eiffel Tower in the distance, and I stopped at a Boulangerie for une baguette, deux croissants, and une pizza jambon! Oui en Francais! huzzah!

baguette 3-24-13

Now I just need to figure out, what do the French do with a fresh baguette each day? Yes, I did eat half of mine with the most amazing salted butter, but really? A whole baguette every day? hm



1 thought on “Brrrr!! Il Fait Froid!”

  • I used to buy a baguette everyday when I first moved here, but then I figured out that it (and the cheese and/or butter) I was slathering on it was responsible for the French five that had attached itself to my thighs and butt. Now I only buy them on the weekends 🙂
    Hope you have warmer spring temps soon!

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