Bunny Croissants for Easter

Bunny Croissants for Easter

I made these six years ago for Francois using leftover croissant dough, a bit of luck, and a touch of creativity. My oven was the size of a microwave and the door didn’t stay shut. But, they worked and I think I stole Francois’ heart that day when he came over and I was pulling these cute croissants out of a tiny oven.

Use dough from the newly released Croissant Class (free for Online Pastry School members, or purchase separately here). You could also try to fashion these out of premade croissant dough too – why not!

So how do you make Bunny Shaped Croissants then? Pretty easy actually!

#1 Roll out your dough until it’s about 1/8-inch (3mm) thick and about 11″ by 16″ (28x41cm). Trim all the edges. Then mark on the top and bottom every inch (2.5cm). Connect the two marks and cut into long stripes about 11″ (28cm) long.

#2 Take one piece and tightly roll it up tucking the end underneath.

#3 Take another stripe and form it into an “M” shape to form the ears.

#4 Place the “M” shape on a parchment or Silpat lined baking sheet. Then place the round part on top, about halfway down the end.

#5 Firmly press down on the round part to smush it and connect it to the ears.

#6 Repeat until you’ve formed lots of cute bunnies. Either freeze (at least two hours) and remove at 11:30pm/12am the night before you want to eat them, wake up early (6am!), egg wash (brush with a beaten egg), and bake at 375F (190C) for about 15-17minutes. OR place out at room temperature to proof for 1-3 hours until poofy, then bake. OR place in the oven with a bowl of hot steamy water at the bottom to proof for 1-2 hours, then bake following the above instructions.

Happy Easter everyone!

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