With Paris opening up and trips being planned, I want to put these cookware shops on your list as places to shop for baking and cooking equipment in Paris! Every trip I make to Paris I go to the same area- the 2nd arrondissement (see the full guide here). It’s where I lived for a […]

Guess who’s the proud owner of a new certificate!! woohoo!!! I mean who isn’t up for champagne and macaroons at a 9am graduation ceremony on a Wednesday!!!! oo la la and look at the little petite munchies!! tres chec! I’ll have a recap post of Basic Pastry up soon! Now that I have 10 days […]

I’ve already been in class for two weeks???? Crazy talk! We have learned and made so much already! Luckily I think I’ve actually lost a little bit of weight just from all of the walking! phew- at least it’s not the other way around. People at the school joke about the 5 kilos you gain. […]

OMG……………………………………… I had orientation on Saturday, then my first class on Tuesday, first practical on Wednesday and geez I absolutely LOVE it! Everyone is so warm and friendly, not the uptight French like I was expecting. Everything is translated into English so I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I don’t know French. And […]

Applying For A Student Visa In France Part 1

Round One Of French Paperwork Done: Allons-Y!

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