The impact that Marie Antoinette had on France is astounding. And we can add one more, quite surprising, thing to the list: croissants. While these delicious treats have become a daily staple and international symbol for France, croissants- and all of the wonderful viennoiseries we attribute to France- are, in fact, Austrian-inspired. It is said […]

My sisters were in Paris for a week and wanted to do a day trip. Instead of the classic Chateau or little town surrounding Paris I opted to take them to a town a little future away. My thought was travel is travel. With a chateau you walk around for a bit and of course […]

If you visit one Boulangerie in your life you might want to make it this one. A huge statement indeed my friends! But this one lives up to any sort of expectation you could throw at it. Their claim to fame is the Pain d’Amie which is baked in a MASSIVE loaf and you can […]

Lauded and infamous in the pastry world in Paris- Jacques Genin is a formidable force (if not just for his legendary temper in the kitchen). The pastry shop by his same name is located at the top of the Marais near the 400 year old covered market- Marché des Enfants Rouge. It’s actually a little […]

Chocolate, Waffles, Frites: Bruges

Fou De Patisserie’s New Boutique

Coffee In Paris

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