My Grandmum’s Dressing Recipe~

I called my mom on Skype last night to interview her about this recipe (beaming in all the way from Paris!). I was corrected within two seconds that no! It was not stuffing, but dressing! Pourquoi mommy dearest? Well! Because it is not cooked in […]

A Truly Legit Thanksgiving Feast in Paris

You wouldn’t imagine the craziness that happens in the expat community in France come Thanksgiving. The big questions: Where to find pumpkin puree and a Turkey!? Turkey aka dinde is actually pretty popular in France, but not the whole bird. I read a funny article […]

Sweet Potatoes: The Easiest Item to Make Ahead for Thanksgiving Dinner

The more you prep for the day, the easier Thanksgiving goes! Here’s one thing that you can make ahead and freeze for the big day which means one less the to worry about. Sweet potatoes = my favorite Thanksgiving side dish! These take 15 minutes […]