With Paris opening up and trips being planned, I want to put these cookware shops on your list as places to shop for baking and cooking equipment in Paris! Every trip I make to Paris I go to the same area- the 2nd arrondissement (see the full guide here). It’s where I lived for a […]

I was a Paris local for 3 years – The first year while I was in school I moved around 4 different times- YES! So when I returned after spending a year back home, I vowed to find one spot and stay there! That ended up being in the gorgeous 2nd arrondissement in Paris right […]

If you visit one Boulangerie in your life you might want to make it this one. A huge statement indeed my friends! But this one lives up to any sort of expectation you could throw at it. Their claim to fame is the Pain d’Amie which is baked in a MASSIVE loaf and you can […]

With the holidays quickly approaching- I’m super excited to start planning a trip home over Christmas! Naturally, as happens for just about every expat, my thoughts turned to what I need to stock up on and how much space I can leave in my suitcase for bringing said items back. Usually this means bringing enough […]

A Trip To Jacques Genin

Fou De Patisserie’s New Boutique

Coffee In Paris

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