Champ de Mars

I’m fast starting to think that the Champ de Mars is going to become a spot that I go to quite often. It’s just so cool with the Eiffel Tower looming down a pretty view of green lawns. Once the flowers and trees start to bloom, it will be even more gorgeous. Today I had actually set out to go to Les Invalides, Nook in hand, to find a spot to read. Halfway into my journey, I noticed I’d forgotten my super sweet Paris Moleskin that has maps printed in the first half of a discreet black journal. Not wanting to get too too lost, because really I could just jump on the metro and be back where I needed to be, I headed toward the top of the Eiffel tower that I saw in the very near distance. A couple minutes later and I was there, phew, I knew where I was.

Eiffel Tower2 3-22-13

I perched myself on a bench on an off shoot of the park not realizing that I was in a prime location for watching the cute little French kids walk home with their parents and nannies. Too cute! A little while later an older couple ambled up to sit on the bench next to me despite several others being open. I think they wanted to discuss my Nook but realized fairly quickly with a blank smile from me that unfortunately I did not speak French. A couple points and a discussion between the husband and wife and confirmation! “Le lee!” Oui! I could feel the bench rumble when the old man spoke. Some quick pantomiming from the older lady when their dog walked up meant- don’t touch! She’ll bite. haha A couple Au revoirs and they were gone several minutes later.


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