Chantilly Chateau

Another weekend! Another day trip option!

One of the best things about being abroad is the flexibility to travel to so many places at the drop of a hat. Cheap plane and train tickets are easy to get but only if you plan in advance. If you’re like me though, that can be a bit difficult. But does that mean compromise on a quick trip? No way! There’s several day trips outside of Paris and they’re actually free if you go on a weekend and have a Navigo!  So far we’ve been to Fontainebleu to see the Chateau and this weekend was a trip to Chantilly!

Chantilly is about 45 minutes outside of Paris and so so easy to get to with a 9 euro train ticket on the RER D from Chatelet Les Halles.

When you get there the chateau is about a 35 minute walk from the train station. Just follow the signs or the large groups of people!



Then have a picnic! Beatles music optional.

Chantilly Picnic

Chantilly Chateau

Chantilly Dog Stateau

Chantilly Chateau-Outside

The Chateau is GORGEOUS!! Inside is one of the largest art collections (aside from the Louvre of course) in France!


Chantilly Paintings

Chantilly Stained Glass

Chantilly Hand

Chantilly Illuminated Books

We made our way into the gardens, which are massive! And French. And Beautiful! haha But there was a maze too with a huge chess board in a clearing, a children’s play area with… sheep!! and a couple of restaurants. The gardens turn from prime, proper, “I’m going to trim this into an exact cone!” to swan chasing, lazy rivers and forests.

Chantilly Stateau

Chantilly Swans

Chantilly Moat

Chantilly Maze


Chantilly Gardens


A little wander through the town’s market… tehehe


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