Chocolate Chestnut Cake + Spiced Sable Cookies Workshop

What you will learn:

  • A chocolate chestnut cake from start to finish
  • Chocolate ganache and all it’s many uses from truffles to fillings!
  • A beautiful whipped cream and chestnut icing
  • Piping to your heart’s desire
  • Spiced sable cookies: melt in your mouth cookies spiced with pain d’epices
  • Floral decoration techniques


Maximum number of guests: 5

Class Length: 3.5 hours

Pricing: 120€/person


A very special class making this beautiful cake from start to finish. A seasonal treat that is simply decadent and that leaves so much room for creativity.

We’ll start with the cake, chocolate and chestnut shining through, each person making their own. While it’s in the oven we’ll make spiced sable cookies (the French cookie, similar to a shortbread), using pain d’epices for a seasonal touch.

Then it’s on to decorating, each person whipping up their own chocolate ganache to drip over the cake, and then we crown it with a chestnut whipped cream. If that weren’t enough, several bunches of beautiful flowers will be available for you to choose from to whimsically place on top of your cakes. Each will be unique, and each a gorgeous expression of cake creativity.

The class will end with styling and a photo session choosing from beautiful antique cake platters.  Then we’ll sit down for a tasting! As we devour our treats, we’ll sip Marie Antoinette tea from the King’s Royal Kitchen Garden (Potager du Roi) located just around the corner.

Please note that each student will be going home with a cake 🙂 and a packet of recipes.

Photos by Eileen Cho.

October 12 @ 13:30
1:30 pm — 5:00 pm (3h 30′)

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