Croissant, Bread & Pastry Workshop!

About the Workshop

Enjoy a beautiful weekend escape in Versailles as we pipe, knead, and bake the day away to classic French tunes! I will be joined by Brooke, an incredibly talented breadmaker and friend from Dallas for a combined bread and pastry workshop, February 7-9, 2020! We will enjoy three days together learning croissants, classic sourdough bread, French macarons, cream puffs, and madeleines. The ultimate French baking workshop for bakers at all levels to learn the basics and gather lots of useful tips.

Imagine spending time in a beautiful space, full of natural light overlooking the beautiful rooftops of Versailles. Diving in and feeling the dough, learning the textures, and decorating with edible flowers and luster dust. For each recipe, you work with us from start to finish, making your own creation, to fully experience it and also to allow for complete creative freedom when it comes to decoration. We’ll visit Versailles as well with a morning visit to my favorite farmers market in front of a stunning Cathedral and a walk through the Chateau de Versailles gardens with croissants, piping hot from the oven.

Versailles rooftops


About Brooke

Brooke has been professionally baking for the last seven years. From starting as a baker in a cafe, she worked her way up to being a kitchen manager and eventually a pastry chef slinging all kinds of pastry around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. After making desserts for several fine dining restaurants, Brooke wanted to start creating her own pastry with a focus on herbal/floral notes and wild foraged goods.

She started her micro-bakery in 2014, The Rosemary Bakery, and adores it. In the off-season of her farmers markets, Brooke travels around Europe to learn more about sourdough bread and picks up different techniques. She loves traveling, getting floured, and foraging while spending copious amounts of time outdoors.

Our styles go hand in hand with edible flowers, unique and classic flavors, a feminine touch, and rustic elegance. I am so thrilled to have her join me!

Interested in learning about me… head to this page.


On the Baking Schedule:


The first day we’ll learn pate a choux and pastry cream to make gorgeous cream puffs. We’ll break for lunch nearby at my favorite restaurant and then return for dessert, styling, and photos. In the afternoon, Brooke will take us through the first steps of making sourdough bread, talk through fermentation and how to create your own starter. Before you head out, we’ll make madeleine batter to bake the next day.

by Claire Emmaline



An early-ish morning start as we shape, score, and bake the bread we started the day before over locally roasted coffee and treats. While the bread is in the oven, we’ll walk to the farmer’s market nearby to pick up things for a market lunch. When we return, we’ll fill the table with seasonal fruits and cheeses, quiche, charcuterie, olives, and all the delights from the market, which we’ll enjoy with our freshly baked bread and madeleines. In the afternoon we’ll start making croissants, a two-day process to buttery goodness. Brooke will show us lamination techniques, croissant dough, and how to fold the dough to achieve all those delicious layers. The croissants will slowly proof overnight, just waiting for their morning appointment with the oven.



Into the oven, the croissants go! Once they’re done, we’ll head off on a morning adventure through the mist in the Versailles gardens nearby. We’ll bring tea and coffee, a couple of blankets, and gorgeous cups for a little morning picnic as we watch the sunrise and chat. We will explore the gardens a bit more and town of Versailles, as we stop by the bustling farmers market in the Notre Dame area of Versailles, and then head to my favorite pastry shop and a fabulous restaurant for lunch. Then it’s back to the apartment for a class on French Macarons! The day will end as all workshops should with champagne, macarons, and fabulous new friends. 

What is Included?

Hands-on pastry and bread instruction, all ingredients and equipment, tried and true recipes, beautiful photos of your work, lunch and breakfast each day, beverages and snacks as we bake, instruction by two skilled chefs, a morning picnic in the Chateau de Versailles gardens, visits to the farmer’s markets, and a special baking kit with tools to take home to help you remake the recipes. 

Accommodation is not included in the price, but we are happy to make recommendations of places to stay. 

Spaces are extremely limited to just 6 people to ensure that there is plenty of one on one instruction for each baker by myself and Brooke. It also makes for a fun intimate group with lots in common, making memories to last a lifetime.

The workshop is 1150€ per person for 3 full days, February 7th to 9th, 2020 in Versailles. If you would like to split your payment into two installments – just enter the code “HalfNow” at checkout and we’ll reach out about a month before for the final payment. We are happy to break this down further too 🙂 just shoot me an email at to request!

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French Madeleines MollyJWilk


Payments are non-refundable for all MollyJWilk multi-day workshops. If a client needs to cancel, we will try to find a replacement. If a replacement is found, a refund is at our discretion. In the unlikely event that a multi-day workshop is canceled, clients will be refunded in full. Please read more about our Terms & Conditions here. 

February 7 @ 09:30 — February 9 @ 16:30
9:30 am — 4:30 pm (55h)


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