Coffee in Paris

Coffee in Paris

This has been a little bit of a debate with my expat friends here in Paris. Coffee just isn’t done very well here, at least from our opinion. With that being said though, there are actually a lot of good local coffee spots that have been popping up. So lately we have been on the hunt for best places and a list is definitely forming.

So far we have HolyBelly in the 10th, Coutume, Ob-la-di in Oberkampf area (I posted this one on my Instagram this week and it has by far been my favorite), Telescope in the 1st, Craft Coffee in the 10th (be sure to stop by La Fabrique a Gateaux!), Ten Belles by Canal St Martin, Lockwood near me at Sentier, and Boots Cafe, a tiny spot with just three tables in Old Cordonnerie.

There’s also, Shakespeare and Co. a great place to stop in when you’re in need of some friendly English speaking and a good book.

Shakespeare and Co

Our test for good coffee is if sugar needs to be added or not.

Shakespeare and Co Cafe

Right next door is the bookstore that has been open since 1951 and has been a huge center for anglophone literature. You can see beds on the inside nestled between bookcases where artists and poets used to live. And right across the street, le Notre Dame!

Shakespeare and Co Bookstore

Notre Dame

Shakespeare and Company le Cafe and the Bookstore!

37 rue de la Bucherie

75005, Paris

Open Every day from 10am to 11pm.

5 thoughts on “Coffee in Paris”

  • Yeah the French aren’t so great with coffee. They think they are but I don’t think they understand what to do with milk. That, however, looks like a good one. Will check it out next time we’re in Paris!

  • Don’t forget the Matamata coffee in rue d’argout in 2eme… it’s really great!

  • Yes! I would definitely recommend it or any of the other spots on the list. The cafe at Shakespeare and Co is a great one when you’re visiting because of the location and you can hop over to check out the neat bookstore too!

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