Cruising into my 30s

Cruising into my 30s

It’s interesting. I think people usually have an idea of where they’ll be when they hit certain milestone ages. That was no less the case for me going into my thirties. The past three years have been nothing less than a rollercoaster of craziness so I hadn’t put too much thought into it.  But, when I was 25 I remember thinking I’d have some sort of cool job, be a homeowner and married, possibly thinking about kids and be financially sound. Well let’s just say all of those ideas where thrown up in the air and either shattered or fell where they liked the year I started planning my move to Paris for culinary school. The safe stable job was ended and I picked up my life, packed three massive suitcases, and moved thousands of miles away from home to pursue my passion, sweet things, to travel and discover what living abroad could be. My independence soared and I fell in love with France and a different way of life in a culture that rotated around food. The fun of figuring out how to live in a foreign country was both exasperating and hilarious at times. The first year was incredible, meeting new friends, going to a legend of a school, and exploring a new city.


This past year has really been about finding my feet, thinking through what I’d like to do, and the steps needed to get there. But reflecting back on it, and maybe it’s because I’m in my more wise thirties (hehe), I realize we never really know where life will take us or exactly what we are meant to be doing.

The year didn’t go quite as I thought it would when I arrived in Paris the second time just one day before my 29th birthday. The winter was long and dreary and I have to say that going into this next winter, I’m a little on the depressed side and already missing the sunshine that I know will leave the city for months leaving Paris in a wash of grays.

The job that I found was a bit disappointing. I had too high of hopes for it and it was only when I let those fall away and thought of it more of a job to get by, a job that allowed me to stay in Paris and make my rent, that it actually started to get better and now is half bad! I must say that I am MISSING being in the kitchen making pastries and cooking for all of you. My flat is SO small that it takes a massive effort to bake anything especially when I think about hand washing all of the bowls and tools required in my sink that is umm the size of a large dog bowl.


I have ideas my friends. Ideas I’m so excited to watch come to fruition. Which include more baking, more of what I love, and are steps on the winding, full of roadblocks, roundabouts, and sharp turns path that is life…  and I cannot wait to see what happens.


One of my friends posted this on Facebook a little while ago:

Just once a day, imagine the life you dream of. Believe that it can be yours in this world of magic and miracles. Choose to live as if you know of its inevitable manifestation. Don’t compromise. Don’t worry. Don’t look for results. And as surely as spirit crafts one moment after another, so too will it fuse together the life you now lead with the life of your dreams as if they were two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, destined to become one.

This alone determines what’s “meant to be”.

Thanks Tara 🙂


So what did I actually do on my birthday? A completely clueless me was surprised by my friend Jenni with a surprise birthday at her apartment. The quiet dinner for two that she had lead me to believe was happening was actually a wonderful celebration with close friends, hats, champagne in tea cups, the cake I wanted!!!!, and a BBQ in the rain (imagine electric BBQ on the terrace, Jenni peaking her head out the door and putting a burger or a bun on the grill, then quickly popping back inside). There was a surprise surprise appearance by my French boy who I was absolutely certain was not going to be there that weekend (ha!). Whose entrance was made even more spectacular by the perfectly timed knock right as we were joking about strippers. Did I mention that the cake was a big sized Merveilleux aka a meringue, whipped cream, chocolate shavings dream!


Saturday started with leftover birthday cake for breakfast- as it should!

Then Sunday was the day when I had planned some bday festivities! I cannot tell you how much fun it was. We had rented a little electric boat that you can pilot around on one of the canals in the north of Paris. We decorated it with some streamers and a big 3-0 which depending on how the wind blew made it look like we were celebrating very different ages and then puttered around for three hours in the sun getting wished Joyeux Anniversarie, from singing from other boats along the canal to shouts from the shore. It was a blasttttttt!!!!! I am so thankful for the friends that I have here that helped me bring in my 30s with bubbles a plenty and tons of laughs. You guys are beyond, just beyond. 🙂



14543419_10154528095461308_948747552_n    img_0848


Boat Rental Information:

Marin d’Eau Douce 

37 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris

Book online and ahead to make sure you have a boat, time, and the right size for your group.


We’re already thinking about doing a Christmas cruise with mulled wine, hot chocolate, and lots of blankets. 😀


2 thoughts on “Cruising into my 30s”

  • Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a blast!

    I remember when I turned 26, thinking OMG I’m in my LATE 20’s and am so old, what do I have to show for it? Looking back it was so silly but at the time my little flip-out was real. I don’t think it was the age that was the real problem; it was thinking I didn’t measure up to where I thought I should be, or where society says people should be at any given stage of life.

    Like is our job good enough, our friends, our retirement fund, our wardrobe, our relationship status? Are we enough? Am I where I should be at this point in time? I let expectations interfere with the reality of my life. I was doing just fine but in the moment I kinda freaked and wondered where my life was going. Even now, sometimes it’s hard to feel like I’m doing everything right because it’s hard not to look around and see what everyone else is doing, but we all walk our own paths.

    I think if we have a roof over our heads and supportive friends and family, we must be doing something right. 😉

  • Thanks Diane! oh the quarter life crisis- I totally had one too. You are absolutely right – it’s the pressure we feel from society and where it says we should be. It’s only when we let that go that we feel the freedom to live our own lives. I struggle at that every day! Thank you so much for your sweet note 🙂

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