Crunchy M&Ms~! Free Louvre Tickets! Cranky Checkout Lady.

I visited the Cordon Bleu today!! It’s a 20 minute walk from my apartment past lots of grumpy teens that were on their lunch break. I might look for another route that sidesteps the schools depending on my class time. haha The school was so cool! Garbine (another pastry student I met there) and I were greeted by the nicest British guy named Allan. We confirmed our orientation time which I’m glad we did because in the mail it said 9:30am and an email had said 2pm. Allan showed us the “Winter Garden” where there’s lots of tables to hang out in between classes. I commented that it wasn’t very chilly in the “winter garden” tehe but I don’t think Allan heard my awesome joke.

LCB Paris 3-21-13

Camembert sandwich for lunch that seemed to be made out of an entire baguette. Garbine had one half, I had the other. Well shoot I should have taken a picture. I ate about half of the half. Appreciated the cheese (excuse me “French” cheese as told to us by the waiter) but had had my fill of bread for the day. haha. The waiter was great! So very nice and so was the manager. Off to a grocery store- fast becoming one of my favorite past times because of the interesting finds, including American sauce? Made of tomatoes, onions, basil (I think), and some other things? I’m thinking mayo too? hmm. weird.

Then to the Louvre! I appreciated it even more than the first time I went in 2007. And guess what??? Free entrance for people under 26 attending a European school. I didn’t have proof yet so I had to pay this time. But awesome!!

Louvre 3-21-13

Louvre Outside 3-21-13 Outside of Louvre 3-21-13

Statue in the Louvre 3-21-13

Babies Louvre 3-21-13

Baby bottoms.

Conquered the metro with threeee changes- holler. And stopped by the grocery store on the way home where I did not follow the appropriate protocol but was helped by not one but two different people translating an annoyed clerk’s French. No. 1- I didn’t empty my basket onto the moving conveyor belt before they scanned it. No. deux- Forgot to get stickers for the produce I’d picked up, punched in and printed out by a person who I guess has all these codes memorized in the produce section. I had to pick up just the two items, scurry back against the flow of the line, head to the produce section and get the stickers while everyone waited, but they didn’t seem to mind. No. 3- um not answering what sized reusable bag I wanted? Fortunately the ridiculously nice lady in line behind me translated. The really cool thing was the people that stepped up to help- all so nice and the older lady who helped with the last question said not to worry, there were a lot of foreigners in the area with a big smile. The most expensive item I bought? Crunchy M&Ms…. my favorite which they haven’t had in the states in about 6 years. yess!!

I was asked four times where I was from today, all of which I told Texas. haha yeehaw. I must look foreign or something.

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