Maybe it was all those treats in the 20 Days of Holiday treats or just the general tendency of this time of the year- but I’m feeling that health kick!

Something that’s interesting me right now… eggs! I just ate one poached on top of some leftover wild rice from Christmas dinner- amazing!

Interesting Egg-cellent Facts:

  • Eggs are a great source of protein (upwards of 6 grams!).
  • They contain tons of nutrients: potassium, Vitamin A, folic acid, and Vitamin D (one of the few foods that contains it naturally).
  • The egg yolk is where most of the nutrients reside. The egg white has only half the egg’s total protein.
  • Despite popular belief, research has shown that eggs don’t promote heart disease and when eaten in moderation, do not have a negative affect on cholesterol levels.
  • One medium egg contains only 60 to 77 calories.
  • Cage-free eggs have more nutrients than others and a greater resistance to salmonella.
  • When the yolk of an egg is broken while cooking it loses some of it’s nutritional benefits.
  • Eggs may help reduce breast cancer.


Healthy Egg-tastic Breakfast Ideas:

Chicken and Potato Hash with Fried Eggs


chicken and potato hash

Mexican Egg Scramble:


Mexican Egg Scramble

Poached Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes:


Poached Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes

Healthy Pepper Hash:


Healthy Pepper Hash

Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Tomato Pita:



To Poach an Egg: Boil enough water to cover an egg about 3-5 inches (egg will sink to the bottom) in a shallow or deep pan. It doesn’t quite matter :-). Crack an egg into a small bowl, the fresher the egg the better. Turn off the heat- you don’t want bubbles that will break up the egg- and slowly drop the egg in. Cook 3-7 minutes depending on how set you want the egg yolk.

An Easy Way to Eat Eggs: Throw whatever you have in the fridge into a scramble. I like potatoes cut into cubes, red pepper, onions, and spinach (yum!). It’s best to cook the contents of the scramble first then add the egg.

heart eggs


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