Exciting News!

Guess what????

I’m going to culinary school! hollar! After about a year of research I decided one day over lunch to just go do it. I was tired of waiting and wanted to take the first step! I’m all signed up for night classes every Monday at a local culinary school for the next 15 weeks to test the waters before moving on to the big leagues (hopefully NECI or somewhere in France, still narrowing down though). My first day is today!!

We got our chef’s outfits last week at orientation. Check it out! My pants are herringbone, the chef assistant’s are striped, and the head chef’s are solid! It’s pretty much like going to work in pajama bottoms. Love it!

Happy chef! 🙂

So excited! Just a little nervous about the super glue I had to get! eek!

15 thoughts on “Exciting News!”

  • Congrats on your huge step, can't wait for you to show us what you are learning. If I was younger, I would go for France for sure.

  • Congratulations! How exciting for you. I really think that if I had my life over I would definitely go to culinary school. I'll just have to live vicariously through you so give us lots of updates as you navigate the waters. I wish you every success.

  • Congratulations! So exciting for you. Keep us posted (pun intended) on all of your culinary adventures.

  • Good luck. I became an apprentice chef when I was 35 – I loved it! I only stopped because I was lucky enough to fall pregnant but have no regrets at all. Enjoy every second of it (and wear Birkenstock clogs!)

  • @spcookiequeen Gina- France would be amazing! I'm a huge Francophile so it would be heaven to be able to live over there for a year and learn about the food. j'adore!

  • @Di-licious oh yay! I'm so excited! The first class went great- no knife cuts (phew). Great tip on the shoes. They told us black non-skid. Can I just tell you how difficult it is to find women's black non skid shoes. I ended up going to target and choosing between men's super ugly black sneakers or little boys black shoes. I went with the boys shoes- worked for last night but will definitely look into clogs!

  • How exciting!! Congratulations and best of luck to you!

    As far as shoes go, I'd recommend Dansko clogs. Non-slip, sturdy and super comfortable when you're on your feet all night.

  • EXCITING is right! I love it… holler! 😀 LOL! Hopefully we'll get to read about your adventures in culinary school on your blog!

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