How do I Book a class?

We offer both in-person classes in Versailles and virtual classes to people around the world!

In person classes are private short courses that are 1.5 to 3 hours long for individuals or small groups. This allows each course to be personalized down to the recipes you’ll make and the flavors! You’ll have the space to yourselves for this incredible experience, and hands-on instruction so you can make the recipes at home! See our class descriptions or email mollyjwilk@gmail.com to request your class.

We also offer public multi-day weekend workshops that are available for anyone to book into. These are perfect for the pastry enthusiast as you’ll be learning go-to, tried and true recipes over a long weekend, and enjoying lots of other fun activities as well. Check the “Pastry Classes” drop down above to see current offerings.

Virtual classes are a regular offering with new classes being released one month in advance (September classes open August 1st). They are 1.5 hours long and 25€. All virtual classes are held on Zoom. Recipes and equipment recommendations will be sent to you in advance. You can bake with Molly or simply watch and bake later. See the current schedule here: Virtual Pastry Classes


Are all baking levels accepted?

YES! This is what we are all about at MollyJWilk, making pastry fun and accessible for everyone. All levels are welcomed and encouraged! You will have lots of 1:1 time to help learn new skills and recipes.


Are the Classes Taught in English?

Yes! Molly is a native English speaker from Dallas, Texas who moved to Paris to get her pastry certification at Le Cordon Bleu. You can learn more about her here. All classes are taught in English, but pas de probleme, if you need a French translation or would like some French thrown in, just ask!


How far are you from Paris?

Only 30 minutes by train from the Eiffel Tower on the RER C. It’s super quick and the train tickets are only 2.95€ each way. Other transportation options are available and we recommend using the RATP app to determine this and current traffic when coming to the class.


How do I get to the Class?

Upon booking, you will be sent a confirmation email which will include detailed directions and tips for how to get to Versailles (it’s super easy!). Also included are recommendations for additional things to do in the city, and tips for seeing the Chateau de Versailles.

We are located in a beautiful 18th century apartment in the quintessential Versailles style, about 5 minutes walk from the front gates of Chateau de Versailles, or the same amount from the Versailles Rive Gauche train station.

Please be aware that we are location on the 3rd floor, without elevator. Think of it as the exercise before the pastries.


How many people can be in a class?

Our private classes can have a max of 8 people, but we recommend at most 6 if possible so everyone has plenty of room. Private class pricing is based on a 4 person minimum.

The multi-day public workshops are capped at 6 people to ensure that everyone has lots of 1:1 time with the chef and hands-on work.


Are the classes demonstration? Hands-on?

French Pastry is all about textures, smells, and using all your senses to determine when a dough or batter is at the right state. As such, our classes are taught with this in mind as the best way to learn is to get in there and work the dough yourself! You’ll be able to touch and feel and be involved in every step of the recipes. 

For the Virtual Classes, you are welcome to bake along or bake when you want!


How much is a private Class?

Private In Person classes start at 195€ for a 1.5 hour family class covering 3 people, or 340€ for a 2.5-3 hour class covering up to four people. Each additional person for the family class is 65€, and for the 2.5-3 hour class, an additional 85€. 

For longer private classes please contact us for pricing at mollyjwilk@gmail.com.

Private Virtual Classes are 250€ for a 1.5 hour classes for up to 6 “connections” aka computers or phones.  The classes are completely customizable and a great way to connect with friends and family around the world. Find out more at this link.


do i need to pay for more than 1 virtual class if my friend or family will be joining me in my kitchen?

Virtual class payment are by “connection”. This means that 1 payment covers anyone joining from 1 computer or other device. So it could be you and a friend that’s baking with you in your kitchen or your whole family!


What is the minimum age?

As in-person classes are private, Molly will be able to give you the best option depending on the ages in your group. We also have a family class option for our younger bakers, perfect to create long lasting memories with your loved ones. 

For the public multi-day workshops, we ask that each guest is 18 years of age or older.

For Virtual Pastry Classes, these are available to everyone. Normally for regular classes, we recommend bakers 12 and up as sometimes more complicated things are involved. With a parent though, this could be a fun activity for any age. Keep an eye out because there are often classes specific for kids too!


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions/allergies?

Yes but ask that these are run past us in advance so we can alter the recipes we will be doing as necessary. 

For gluten intolerances, note that French Macarons are naturally gluten-free and this can be a great class option.

For allergies, all precautions are taken but it is possible that there could be trace amounts in the space or ingredients. This is noted in our Terms & Conditions upon booking the class.

Have any additional questions? Send us an email at mollyjwilk@gmail.com and we’ll get right back to you!