Fourth of July Recap!

This Fourth of July I woke up, threw on a blue polka dot dress, red lipstick, and baked the entire day (I am taking full advantage of the very large kitchen at my disposal!)! I should have thrown in a couple beers too and some pool time! It’s crazy hot here!!

For breakfast: Strawberry Blueberry Muffins

Strawberry Bleuberry Muffins

I spy dog paws!!!!!!!!!!!! Watson!

I used my favorite blueberry muffin recipe and added strawberries to make them oh so patriotic and very berry delicious. I’ll post the recipe next week!

Then I started on flag cookies! I used a sable cookie recipe from the Cordon Bleu which is made with just 5 ingredients and is so tender like shortbread, but better or should I say.. butter. bahaha Baking jokes.

I divided the dough in thirds and dyed one part red and another part blue. Then I rolled out the white and red parts, put them on top of each other, cut it in two long rectangles and placed one on top of the other. Stripes=done! I cut a part out of the stripes and added in some blue to finish up the flag! Then I made random cookies with the scrapes, swirling them together, or edging the stripes part I’d cut out with some blue to make it look almost like bunting. These were all frozen and then cut!

Cut Flag Cookies

I couldn’t decide on the sprinkles so I did half and half and ended up liking the white balls best.

Flag Cookies

They’re ready for another picnic! Watcha think Peanut?

Fourth of July Molly and the Nut

Peanut Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!!! ^He looks so happy. hahaha


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