The Ultimate Francophile Gift Guide

holiday gift ideas for francophiles

The Ultimate Francophile Gift Guide

Explore our carefully curated Francophile gift guide to find unique French-themed Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

Long before I ever moved to France to study French pastry, I was already obsessed with all things French culture. I knew I wanted to be in this beautiful country and I feel so lucky that I now get to call it home. Put simply, I was a total Francophile before I became an actual French resident.

Because of this personal experience, I love getting unique French gifts for my friends and family who also love France. In this Francophile gift guide, I’m sharing some of my best ideas you can steal this holiday season.

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What Is a Francophile?

A Francophile is a person who loves all things France: French food, French language, French people and French products. If someone you know dreams about living in Paris, seeks out French pastries at nearby bakeries and lives vicariously through Emily in Paris…they might be a Francophile.

If you need to buy gifts for people who love France this year, then you’re in the right place. Consider this your ultimate guide to French-theme gifts that Francophiles will love.

23 Best Francophile Gifts To Buy Online

Paris Adult Paint-By-Numbers

Paris paint by numbers Francophile gift

This gift is perfect for any aspiring artist (or anyone who needs a new hobby) who also loves France. This paint-by-numbers kit comes with everything they’ll need to create their own work of art, including paints, brushes and canvas. They can paint a beautiful Eiffel Tower scene and bring a little bit of Paris home.

Let’s Eat Paris Book

let's eat paris book

Whether they’re planning a trip to Paris or just wish they were, your favorite Francophile will love this guide to the world’s most famous food city. Learn all about famous Parisian foods, from local recipes and common meals to the best restaurants in Paris. This book can inspire their trip to France or help them recreate some famous dishes from the comfort of home.

Croissant Ornament

Croissant ornament

This is such a fun French-themed Christmas gift. If they’re a fan of funky and funny ornaments, then let them hang a realistic-looking croissant from their Christmas tree. They’ll be hungry and ready for French pastries in no time!

L’occitaine Holiday Hand Lotion Trio

French hand lotion set for women

This set of French hand lotion is perfect for holiday gifting! The set comes in a festive holiday box and features luxurious French-made lotion. The set includes three lotion fragrances: Almond Delicious, Powdered Shea and Sparkling Leaves.

The Food Nanny Paris Sweatshirt

The Food Nanny Paris sweatshirt

This Paris sweatshirt is a great Francophile gift for someone who loves Paris fashion but also loves loungewear. This French terry pullover is a great layering piece and easy-to-wear everyday sweatshirt.

Diptyque Candle

Diptyque French candle

Give the gift of a springtime trip to the South of France…without having to leave the living room. This Diptyque candle is made by a luxury French perfumery and smells like mimosa flowers in bloom, a fragrant event that happens every February in the South of France. There are many other scents also available for purchase online.

Bon Appétit Tea Towel

French tea towel

This 100% cotton tea towel is woven in France by French Linen House and features the phrase “Bon Appétit” along the edges. This versatile towel can be used for everything from kitchen clean-up and drying dishes to keeping fresh bread warm on the table.

French Market Basket 

French market basket

Inspire your loved one’s dreams of living in France when you gift them this French market basket. They’ll be the envy of the farmer’s market or the grocery store when they carry this woven basket with genuine leather handles. Throw it on the back of a bicycle filled with fresh flowers and a warm baguette and they’ll practically be transported straight to Paris.

Markets of Provence Book

Markets of Provence book, part of the best francophile gift guide

This is one of the best gifts for Francophiles who are planning a trip to France. This will be their ultimate guide to the many farmer’s markets, craft markets, antique markets and more that they won’t want to miss while visiting Provence. Even if they don’t have a trip on the horizon, this book will help them dream up a future visit.

Bite Size History of France

A bite-sized history of France book for Francophiles

This unique book discusses some of the most famous moments in French history through the lens of the food and drinks that were part of French culture at the time. Learn about the history of Roquefort and cognac while also exploring the impact of imperialism and war on French culture. This is the ultimate book for Francophiles who love to learn (I’m reading this now!).

Mastering the Art of French Cooking 2-Volume Set 

Mastering the Art of French Cooking two-book set

The classic Julia Child book is a wonderful Francophile gift for the home chefs in your life. This two-volume set contains the original 524 recipes for French cuisine, from boeuf bourguignon to simple green peas. It also includes 257 additional recipes that can help advance your French cooking skills.

French Picture Coloring Dictionary 

French picture dictionary coloring book for adults, part of the best francophile gift guide

This French picture dictionary coloring book is a perfect Francophile gift for anyone who enjoys getting a little artsy and also loves French culture and language. They can even improve their French language skills along the way!

French Word Socks

French word socks for adults

This five-pack of striped crew socks are the perfect, subtle fashion statement for someone who loves France. Each pair of socks features a French word or phrase. They’re bound to have a très bien day when they’re wearing these.

Laguiole Cheese Knives

LaGuiole cheese knives set

These are the ultimate French knives for any charcuterie lovers in your life. This 7-piece set includes stainless steel blades with natural olive wood handles. Laguiole knives originated in France in the 1820s and have been highly sought-after cutlery ever since. This set comes in protective cases, perfect for storage and for gift-giving.

Williams Sonoma Tour de France Kit

Williams Sonoma Tour de France food kit, part of the best francophile gift guide

This Tour De France gift crate is the obvious accompaniment to the cheese knives shared above. It’s the perfect gift for Francophiles who want to pretend they’re enjoying lunch in Paris without having to get on a plane. This kit comes with smoked salmon, triple-cream brie, pork paté and authentic French blinis and caviar. Even better? It arrives wrapped and ready to be given to your favorite Francophile!

Bonjour T-Shirt

bonjour t-shirt for adults

This classic crewneck T-shirt is an affordable gift for her. Featuring multi-colored letters spelling out “bonjour,” this shirt comes in 12 different colors and goes up to size 2XL.

Oui Mug

Oui mug, which is a great gift for Francophiles

I absolutely love the bright peach and yellow colors of this ceramic mug. This is a great gift for Francophiles who are also coffee- or tea-obsessed. They can sip their morning cup while daydreaming about doing the same on the French Riviera.

Paris Travel Posters

Paris travel posters

This Paris travel poster would make a gorgeous addition to a living room, office, bedroom or other living space. The graphic style is modern and colorful, so it can go with many different types of decor and home styles. One note: this poster does not come framed, so make sure to pick one up so your loved one can hang their print right away.

Croissant Scented Candle

Croissant scented candle for Francophiles

Give their home the feel (and smell) of a French patisserie…without having to turn on the oven. This croissant-scented candle will make any Francophile feel like they’ve popped to Paris even if they’re actually just working from home or making breakfast for their kids.

Nina’s Marie Antoinette Tea

Nina's Marie Antoinette tea, part of the best francophile gift guide

The famous Marie Antoinette was said to have drunk tea that was a blend of Ceylon tea with rose petals and apples from the King’s Kitchen Garden at Versailles. This Marie Antoinette tea is flavored with the same ingredients, creating a drink that is fit for a queen. If you know me, you know I love collecting Marie Antoinette antiques, so I’ll definitely be gifting some of this tea to myself!

Marie Antoinette Tapestry Pillow

Marie Antoinette tapestry pillow

For the Francophile who can’t get enough of Marie Antoinette, this tapestry pillow cover is a great way to tweak your existing throw pillows and bring new life to your living room or couch. These decorative pillow covers are embroidered with an M and an A, along with some beautiful florals.

Vintage Versailles Poster

Vintage Versailles map poster, part of the best francophile gift guide

This poster features a replica print of a vintage 1926 map of Versailles. I love the idea of gifting this to someone who recently returned from Versailles or someone who is planning to travel to the city soon.

Antique Painted Plates and Jewelry Boxes

Hand-painted antique French plate

If you want a truly unique gift for Francophiles, consider one of the beautiful antique painted plates and jewelry boxes created by Joleen Emory, a makeup artist and creator working in Paris, France. Joleen hand-paints vintage French porcelain and can even do personalized gifts. Contact her on Instagram for pricing.

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