Round One of French Paperwork Done: Allons-y!

phew! It’s been an hour plus and three computers were involved- but! the first round of paperwork for my visa is complete! It might have been done with a chuckle and a fist clenched at the ceiling, ‘ahh you French system!!” and those three computers… one had a video pulled up with step by step instructions (which I was also informed I should print out), the other had the program pulled up, and yet another was used to locate all sorts of random documents needed.

And that was the first step to applying for a long term student visa. tehe

Complete Pastel Registration through Campus France – Done! Now to mail a money order for the $100 fee, and a copy of my Cordon Bleu admittance letter. Then, the real fun begins with a trip to the French consulate in Houston to interview for my visa. And yet more fun in France with a visa validation at the local immigration office and with a follow up visit to a doctor, I believe, for a lung scan (?).

ah Paris- I shall dream of you like this, not through silly paperwork.

paris in the winter


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