French Pastry Class in Versailles

Join for a private pastry class in a gorgeous setting learning fantastic (and delicious!) recipes! Each private class is 2-2.5 hours long covering one of the topics below (please note that within each class you’ll be learning multiple recipes to achieve the final dessert(s)). The classes are entirely hands-on. Choose from one of the topics below or reach out if there is a favorite pastry you’ve seen at the patisserie’s that you want to learn!

The details:

WHEN: Private Pastry Classes are usually scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. But if you’re looking to book for another day of the week, feel free to shoot me an email- I’m always happy to check if there’s room on the calendar!

WHERE: Centrally located in Versailles, 5 minutes walk from the Rive Gauche train station and Versailles Chateau, and just 30 minutes train ride from the Eiffel tower. Detailed directions included with class confirmation.

WHO: All baking levels. Great for solo class or perfect for a group of friends, with your partner, or family.

DURATION: Each class covers one of the below subjects and is 2 to 2.5 hours long.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: All ingredients and equipment! You’ll also leave with a box of your own creations and the recipes. 

COST: 500€ which covers up to 4 people. Each additional baker is 125€.

MAX CAPACITY: 6 people

French Pastry Class options

French Macarons!

A French classic that is so gorgeous but can be a bit finicky. We’ll go over tons of tips to help you master these in Versailles and at home! In each class we will make 1 flavor of your choice, pipe, and assemble our gorgeous cookies.

Lemon tarts

aka Tarte au Citron! Bright, luscious and perfect for any occasion (with or without meringue!) this is sure to become one of your go-to desserts at home! Try your hand at the perfect base for any sweet tart- pâte sucrée. Then whip up a lemon curd and Italian meringue to pipe on top.

Mille feuille

A thousand flaky butter layers perfectly coming together with a creamy decadent filling: the mille feuille or Napoleon. Often thought to be rather difficult, we’re going to take a short cut that will take the normal 1-2 day process of making puff pastry, and shorten it to 30 minutes! This recipe is one of those you really need to know. Great for anything savory or sweet that calls for puff pastry, and so much better than the store-bought versions. Even though we are shortening the process, we’ll still have those gorgeous caramelized layers. OUI!! We’ll also learn pastry cream, something I could really just eat with a spoon it’s so good.

Red White and Blue Berry Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs

Pâte á Choux is the interesting hot dough we’ll be learning. It’s actually made in a saucepan! We’ll pipe cream puffs and chouquettes (sugar clouds of deliciousness), and learn the tips and tricks of baking these beauties for a cooked through, golden brown, puff just ready for a gorgeous filling. And oui oui it is! We’ll make a pastry cream to pipe on the inside, and then add fresh fruit and a luscious whipped Chantilly cream.

Antique French Farm table covered with pastries from a pastry workshop in Versailles

Marie Antoinette tea party

Let them eat cake! When in Versailles, it’s the perfect time for a tea party! We’ll be whipping up fun little treats with lots of sparkle and magic to stack on cake platters and on to your own plate. You bet there will be luster dust involved too! For this class you'll make 2 to 3 small treats. Options include, madeleines, Financier, lemon cake, sablé shortbread cookies, and more! The choice is up to you.


Have you seen a pastry in a patisserie that you're dying to learn how to make? Reach out as we can usually make it happen! Other bespoke classes have included the classic cream and caramel dessert: St Honore, buche de noel for the holidays, and a croquembouche!

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