Want to go from baking cookies and brownies to cream puffs and eclairs?

Most home bakers who love whipping up treats in the kitchen assume baking delicious French pastries from scratch is too difficult or expensive.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

If you love French pastries but don’t know where to start when it comes to baking them at home, you’re in the right place.

I’ll walk you through the whats, hows, and whys of French pastry so you can make all your favorite French pastries with ease.

Yep! Even if you’ve never made French pastries before or you’re a total baking beginner.

Make tasty pastries with step-by-step recipes

Learn the ins and outs of French baking with easy-to-follow video lessons

Grow your kitchen confidence with simple techniques

Make French pastries that’ll have your friends and family saying yummm!

Inside French Pastry for Beginners, you'll learn to bake 20+ delicious pastries

French Pastry for Beginners is a 12-week self paced course with new lessons each week

Each week’s lesson builds on the last so you can confidently sashay your way into making fabulous pastries like cream puffs and macarons at home!
WEEK 1 Getting Ready:

Pantry Basics & Pastry Tools

- Gaining the Confidence to Start + My Baking Story

- Pastry Equipment + Pantry Recommendations

- Recipe for my Favorite French Cookies: Chocolate Sable Cookies


The Perfect Start: 15 Minute Lemon Curd

- Learn the Different Uses for Lemon Curd (there are so many!)

- Easy Recipe Variations & Simple Storage

- Homework: Send in a picture of your lemon curd


Intro to Tarts

- Discover the end all be all of tart crusts!

- My Easy Peasey 10-Minute Pate Sucree Recipe (made by hand or with a hand mixer)

- Homework: Make a lemon tart using last week's lemon curd


Piping Practice

- Piping for Beginners: Learn how to easily put in a piping tip, fill a piping bag, and make classic designs

- Homework: Send in a picture of your piping practice


Miraculous Meringue

- Learn how to make a soft, fluffy meringue

- How to Troubleshoot Common Questions, like “Why aren’t my egg whites whipping up?”

- Homework: Make meringue kisses using your new piping skills!


Versatile Pate a Choux

- My Perfect Pate a Choux Recipe

- Discover what to make with pate a choux (Hint: gougeres, chouquettes, cream puffs, or eclairs!)

- Homework: Make cheesy gougeres or chouquettes with your choux pastry


Creamy Pastry Custard in 15 minutes

- Simple Go-To Pastry Cream

- Discover the versatility of pastry cream and how to use it in different pastries

- Homework: Make a Fresh Fruit tart with berries or another fruit of your choice


Pie Crust: Quiche Lorranie & Bespoke Fruit Pie

- My Staple Recipe for Pate Brisee (Pie Dough)

- Recipes for Quiche Lorraine & Bespoke Fruit Pie

- Easy tips for next-level crust decorations

- Homework: Make a gorgeous pie crust with your choice of a savory or sweet filling


Simple & Tasty Puff Pastry

- Learn the Science: What makes the puff happen?

- My All Magic No Fuss Savory & Sweet Recipes: Everything from cheese twists to mille feuille to palmiers

- Homework: Make a batch of puff pastry and use it to make either cheese twists or palmiers


French Macarons & Chocolate Ganache

- The ins and outs of perfect French Macarons (even if you’ve never made them before)

- Tips and textures to troubleshoot

- Homework: Make macarons with a chocolate ganache or lemon curd filling


The Perfect Caramel

- Understanding caramel and feeling confident making it

- Learn the different kinds of caramel and when to use them

- Homework: Serve yourself up a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with your homemade salted caramel sauce and enjoy!


The Grande Finale!

- How to create your own recipes and plan bigger bake projects from what you’ve learned

- Make caramel-dipped cream puffs, filled with vanilla pastry cream, with a spun sugar decoration on top. I know you can do it!

- Homework: Present your Versailles Caramel Adorned Cream Puffs

The Perfect Pastry Course

for bakers who are new to French pastry

Build your baking skills one at a time

With recorded lessons structured intentionally to practice skills as you learn them

Make 20+ different French pastries

Discover 4 bases and 4 fillings you can use to make lots of your favorite pastries

Master both sweet and savory treats

Learn to make pastries the whole family will love

New lessons released every week for 12 weeks

To reduce overwhelm and give you plenty of time to practice your baking

Get feedback on your homework from Molly

Practice each week’s lesson by submitting homework for Molly to review

Lifetime access to all lessons and course material

Watch and rewatch lessons as many times as your heart desires and get access to any updates

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Bonjour! I’m Molly, Dallas-born pastry chef living and baking in Versailles, France.

My love for baking started when I was just a kid standing on a tall kitchen stool to help my mom mix cookie batter.

By the time I turned 8 or 9 I had memorized my favorite brownie recipe, and I loved how baking allowed me to be creative, eat delicious treats, and share my favorite things with others.

For so many years I thought baking French pastry was an art reserved for super talented chefs or life-long pastry fanatics. 

But when I went to pastry school at the Cordon Bleu I realized how simple French pastries can be!

I went from making cookies and cakes to making genoise and cream puffs. And it’s safe to say I am hooked!

Now, I’m on a mission to show home bakers like you just how easy and fun it is to make French pastries at home. 

I’m so thrilled you are here and I absolutely cannot wait to bake with you! 


Molly x

Psst… want a sneak peek?

Take a sneak peek at how simple it is to follow along with each lesson!


  • You love baking cookies, cakes, and brownies, but you’re intimidated at the thought of baking cream puffs, eclairs, and macarons
  • You enjoy a follow-along approach and lessons you can watch again and again
  • You want to make French pastries the simple way (no hard-to-use equipment or fancy ingredients)

Grow your baking confidence or your money back

If you join French Pastry for Beginners and don’t feel you’ve transformed your French pastry baking skills by the end of the 12-week live support, I’ll refund you in full—provided you watch the lessons and complete the homework, of course.

Yep! I’m that confident you’re going to LOVE learning how to make delicious French pastries at home.

Have questions? I have answers!

I love baking cookies, cakes, and brownies, but I’m brand new to French pastry. Is this course for me?
Oui, oui! If you love baking but you’ve been too intimidated to bake French pastries at home, this course is MADE for you.

So often, bakers see fruit tarts, eclairs, or macarons and say “Wow! I could never make that!”

But the truth is, you absolutely can. (Especially with me walking you through each recipe from the initial egg crack to that first delicious bite.)

Inside this course, I’ll walk you through the tips, tricks, techniques, and insider science of how to make your favorite French pastries. So you can enjoy pastries that taste like they’re straight from a patisserie in Versailles!
When will enrollment open again?
Truthfully, I’m not sure! French Pastry for Beginners will definitely be offered again, but I haven’t ironed out when it’ll be available next. (I’m leaning toward next year!)

If you’re thinking about joining to learn the fundamentals of French pastry, now’s a great time to hop inside at the never-to-be-repeated Founding Members rate.
Are lessons live or recorded?
All lessons are recorded so you can learn at your own pace, rewatch tips or techniques as many times as you’d like, and take your time following along.
How long do I have access to feedback on my homework?
You’ll have the opportunity to get feedback on your homework for 12 weeks! After 12 weeks, you’ll have lifetime access to the course and the lessons.
How long do I have access to the lessons?
You have lifetime access to the lessons and all the course material. Whoo!
How is French Pastry for Beginners different from the Online Pastry School?
Excellent question! The Online Pastry School is for bakers who want to spend a year with me baking new and fun things in the kitchen with a live baking syllabus (think new themes each month).

French Pastry for Beginners is a self-paced course for bakers who are new to French pastry. You’ll learn the fundamentals of French baking, the science behind classic baking techniques, and how to make your favorite pastries from scratch in your own kitchen.
Should I join French Pastry for Beginners or one of your live public classes?
You’re welcome to do both! But if you’re stuck choosing between the two, here’s a good way to look at it.

If you appreciate having a bit more time and space to learn at your own pace, French Pastry for Beginners is perfect for you. You’ll master 4 bases, 4 fillings, and 20+ French pastries your whole family will love.

If you want to learn a particular pastry or you prefer to bake with me and other bakers around the world live, keep your eye on the live baking class schedule released each month.
I have another question!
No worries! Email me at contact@mollyjwilk.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Sweet notes

from my students

I can do it!

- Emily B.
"I was an amateur baker when I found Molly’s classes. I never dreamed I’d be able to bake such beautiful and complicated looking treats. Things like Macaroons, Pastry Cream, Choux, and Puff Pastry intimidated me. Molly made everything simple and easy."

Susie R.

beginner baker
“I was always intimidated by the thought of baking anything more complicated than cookies, cupcakes, and brownies, but Molly has boosted my confidence and I'm loving everything that I'm learning. Her teaching style makes baking French pastries less intimidating and inspires a lot of confidence!

Jo Ann H.

beginner baker
Making French pastries at home is much easier than I thought it would be! Everything I’ve made has been enjoyed by friends and family.

Molly’s love for what she does is contagious!”

Bakers, grab your aprons and let’s get baking!

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