Happy Memorial Day! – How to Send Cookies to the Troops

I think I’ve had the John Philip Sousa March in my head all day long! Happy Memorial Day! I’m so proud to be an American.

What’s a great way to thank the troops? With cookies of course and a sweet thank you note!

Here’s a great tip one of my mom’s friends shared with me:

We talked to a man who just returned and he said the guys favorite thing to get, which is rare, is home made cookies and brownies. If you put them in a ziploc bag, with marshmallows inside, to keep moist, then freeze. To mail, put in a tin/tupperware/shoebox then mail in a flat rate box. They just might arrive tasting good!!

Photo courtesy of ehow.com

Great ideas for cookies to bake:
Anything that will pack well – Brownies, chewy cookies, bars, biscotti…

Check this site out for more ideas: Blisstree – Best Cookies to Send to Iraq

Wonderful Baking Suggestions:

  • Use vegetable shortening since butter, margarine, nuts, and peanut butter turn rancid in heat.
  • M&M’s will hold their shape better than chocolate chips.
  • Use white sugar instead of brown sugar, molasses, honey or corn sugar (will help prevent mold)
  • Cookies with eggs are better than cookies without eggs.
  • Dried fruit helps cookies last longer.

It’s best to only send homemade cookies to soldiers you, your family or friend’s know. Soldiers are instructed to throw away any baked goods that are sent to them from strangers. Makes sense but don’t let this hamper your patriotic spirit! Ask around and see if your friends or family know anyone serving in the military. So many have sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends, family… serving in the military and would be absolutely thrilled to share their address with you. It’s actually very easy to bump into someone with a connection. So get out there and show you care.

Visit How to Send Cookies to Soldiers for even more helpful instructions.
Not in the baking mood but still want to send cookies? Check out Treat the Troops.
Having trouble finding a soldier but still want to help? Visit Any Soldier to find a specific soldier and a list of items they need as well as updates on how they are doing. Really cool!

Large flat rate boxes ship to the Military for $12.95 and Medium flat rate boxes are $10.95 with USPS.
Happy Baking 🙂 and Thank You to our military for working hard to keep us safe. Happy Memorial Day!

6 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day! – How to Send Cookies to the Troops”

  • @Amy's Cooking Adventures Hey Amy- I did a little digging into this and you actually need a name of a specific soldier to send baked goods to or they are actually instructed to throw them away. I'd suggest checking with friends or family to see if they know anyone overseas who would love some cookies. It's a great way to show you care. Happy baking!

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