Holiday Cookie Packaging Ideas

My favorite suggestions for storing and gift-wrapping all of your Holiday and Christmas Cookies this year!

Holiday Cookie Packaging Ideas

The holidays have officially arrived which means if you’re anything like me, your kitchen has become a full-on Christmas Cookie production line! This season I’ve been making everything from Gingerbread Houses to Springerle Cookies (or when I’m feeling extra celebratory, a perfect cookie mix mash-up of Gingerbread Molded Springerle Cookies ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐ŸŽ„)

Though in my household cookies are a year-round delight, there is still something so uniquely special about holiday and Christmas cookies, something about the cold weather, cozy decorations, and of course all that chocolat chaud just makes cookies taste sweeter! Whether you’re searching for the perfect recipe to satisfy Santa or baking up a storm for every holiday party and neighborly gift on your list, cookies are a critical part of celebrating the season and so are deserving of beautiful packaging to contain them.

Why Do You Need Holiday Cookie Packaging?

Chances are you are baking a lot of Holiday Cookies this year, and though no one knows better than me how much joy it can be to indulge in our own kitchen creations, the real pleasure of all baking is sharing what we’ve made with those we love. Holiday Cookies make the perfect gift for our family, friends, neighbors, and others we value in the community (shout out to my local postman!) and once the cookies leave the oven the creation doesn’t stop! Selecting the perfect cookie tin, box, or bag can help transform the meager chocolate chip cookie to something of pure magic, ready to gift to all those we’re closest to.

My Favorite Holiday Cookie Packaging Ideas

Though there are endless ways to style and shape your holiday cookie containers, I’ve put together a small list of some of my recent favorites below! Including some of the tired and true methods and a couple more unconventional too.

Holiday Cookie Tins

Cookie Tins are one of my favorite ways to store and gift my holiday cookies and one I get excited to search for every year. A gorgeous tin will keep your cookies fresh and look good doing it, find some of my recent favorites below!

  • Villeroy & Boch is a well-known European brand lauded for their exquisitely designed decor and kitchenware, and so of course they were one of the first brands I looked for when searching for tins this year. I absolutely adore this set for its timeless design and gorgeous colors!
  • Williams Sonoma never disappoints with their holiday collection and these gorgeous red and green tins are no exception.
  • For anyone baking up a storm this season who may need more tin storage than the above two can offer, I recommend this beautiful set featuring 9 unique tins in different sizes and ready to gift!

Holiday Cookie Boxes

Holiday-themed boxes are one of the most classic containers to house your cookies, and for good reason! In addition to having the benefit of already being shaped like a present perfectly ready to sit under your tree, many box sets come with multiple sizes, perfect for fitting all the different combinations of cookies you’ll be whipping up.

  • This 12-piece set features windows to show off all the cookie beauty inside and includes ribbons and tags, perfect for gift giving.
  • These adorable boxes are easy to assemble and carry and fit around 12 small cookies each.
  • These classic boxes featuring a lovely round window on the top are designed perfectly for holding a variety of cookies, plus come with added ribbon for that extra holiday punch.

Holiday Cookie Bags

When baking many trays of cookies for the holidays, you may be gifting more than can fit in the occasional box or tin and find yourself looking towards cellophane bags. In that case, look no further, I have some adorable options below!

Unique Holiday Cookie Packaging

Now that we’ve outlined the classics, let me end with a couple more unique suggestions to house you holiday baking projects!

  • Wrap up your cookies in a Christmas Tea Towel or Scarf! I love this idea, not only is it fun and original, it’s also two gifts in one!
  • Make a DIY Holiday-themed Mason Jar to house your cookies! I love this idea and am itching to try it myself. There are so many endless ways to design your jar, and the added personal touch makes it extra special!

Looking For Cookie Recipes?

All this Holiday Cookie prep may have left you inspired to add a few recipes to your holiday planning, and luckily you’re in exactly the right place for that. Check out a list of Class Recordings featuring some of my favorite cookie recipes from last year below! A purchase of a Class Recording comes with lifetime access to the recipe and live class recording.


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