How To Find The Perfect Fève For Your Galette des Rois

Celebrating Kings Day with a flaky and delicious Galette des Rois has been a tradition dating back centuries, and hiding a cute little trinket called a "fève" inside is the most fun part!

How To Find The Perfect Fève For Your Galette des Rois

In France, January 6th is officially considered Kings Day and to celebrate it’s tradition to enjoy a flaky and delicious Galette des Rois (or King Cake)!

Though there have been many iterations and riffs over the years, a classic Galette des Rois either has an almond filling or is made like a brioche cake. Whatever your style, the most important part of the tradition is to hide a little trinket called a fève inside while baking, whoever finds the fève is king or queen for the day!


In early traditions folks would use a whole almond, dried bean, another type of nut, or even a clean coin as their fève! If you’re a traditionalist, you can go this route or even start looking around your home for your own unique style fève!

You can use any trinket or charm as long as it’s around 3cm or less and is safe to go into the oven.  Usually a ceramic or porcelain item is your best bet. 


Luckily there are many places to find classic and absolutely adorable fèves online to purchase. My favorite place to search for mine are on Etsy. 

Search “feve” in the search bar and you’ll be greeted with a ton of cute and unique options, everything from Smurf Zodiac fevès, to a Spiderman set, to a beautiful French hot air balloon

For more options, I love the selections available at and! Both online shops feature a plethora of ceramic fèves that range from your favorite cartoon and movie characters to cars to garden vegetables and everything in between.


Now that you have found the perfect fève, the only next step is the perfect recipe, and luckily I have you covered! 

Follow this link for my favorite Galette des Rois recipe, or you can also find it on page 150 of my cookbook “French Pastry Made Simple”. 

Happy baking and Happy Kings Day!


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