International Dinner Party!

Part of the fun of going to the Cordon Bleu has been the wide variety of friends I’ve made from so many different countries! Just about every person in our group is from a different country. So cool! For fun we decided to have a dinner party where each person brought a dish representative of their country. We knew finding the ingredients would be tough, and it sure was! Luckily though, there are several stores here that cater to expats. I also found a great article on finding Mexican ingredients in Paris.

Not having an oven, I had to get a little creative with what I wanted to make. Chili came to mind as a perfect Texas dish, but it’s Spring here! I settled on enchiladas, using a recipe you an make in a skillet! Instead of the green sauce I was majorly craving, I settled for red because tomatillos and jalapenos were no where to be found! I got all the ingredients for guacamole at the store but, no tortilla chips. :-/ wah wah wah… Just about every grocery store has a “TexMex” section, like the Italian and Asian sections. Pretty hilarious. The guacamole is in a jar and looks super sketchy. The tortillas? Good till October? hmmm…

I did want to go get tortillas at the new Mil Amores Tortilleria.  I still see these tortillas in my future but I’ll just have to remember that you can only order them on Friday, with pick up on Saturday. Fresh corn tortillas! omg…. yum. with amazing French salted butter??? drooling.

Here’s how the enchiladas turned out!

Enchiladas for International Dinner Party

I might have accidentally picked up turkey instead of chicken. No big deal. I was very excited when my apartment started smelling like Mexican food. ooo please last for a couple days! And having Cumin in my cupboard now? Amazing!

I also made zucchini enchiladas, for our vegetarian friends. Using the same sauce, I made a filling of chopped zucchini, onions, and garlic, mixed with 1/4 cup of sauce and plenty of cheese.

The recipe was great! Perfect for keeping the kitchen cool in the summer even if you have an oven.

I also attempted to make Dulce de Leche brownies in a skillet…. not so successful. haha They didn’t quite have the consistency I wanted annnnd the bottom might have burned just a bit. Well a lot. whoops.

Skillet Brownies

The spread!

International Dinner Party 4-16-13


So delicious! Can’t wait to do it again!

Afterwards we took a stroll along the Seine and strategically picked a spot next two a group of guys playing the guitar and banjo.

photo 3


seine 4-15-13


And… snacked on crumpets and clotted cream. 🙂


Notre Dame at Sunset 4-15-13

2 thoughts on “International Dinner Party!”

  • Hi There,
    It is looking so good with all the lovely pictures and write up as well. I have been here after a while but enjoyed scrolling through your rest of the wonderful posts. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for sharing your talent! Take care.
    Best Regards, Sonia !!!

  • I have subscribed to your newsletter but didn’t sit down to really READ the previous posts. So it is May 18, 2019 and I am reading about your first months in Paris (LOVE Paris!!) and I came across a lovely picture of Notre Dame…..before…….. My hubby and I sat in that exact spot and ate cheese sandwiches. Happy memory! Enjoying reading many posts and will be baking soon! And hello….from The Woodlands, just north of Houston!!

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